Coach: Status quo with Osi Umenyiora

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants remain at an impasse with disgruntled defensive end Osi Umenyiora regarding his contract, and everything remains status quo.

As of Sunday morning, there was still no movement between the two sides. Umenyiora is proposing a one-year deal that would give him more incentives and the chance to become a free agent after this season. That proposal has not been accepted, a source told ESPN.com senior NFL writer John Clayton.

"As far as I know (things are status quo)," coach Tom Coughlin said Saturday. "So until someone tells me different ..."

The two sides talked again Friday, but nothing came out of their discussions.

"We did visit with (Giants GM) Jerry (Reese on Friday)," Umenyiora's agent, Tony Agnone, told the New York Daily News. "Everything is the same. Nothing has changed. It's status quo."

Agnone told WFAN late Friday night that Umenyiora's fate is in the team's hands.

"I think ultimately the Giants will determine when Osi plays his last down," Agnone said. "Unfortunately in the business that we're in with unguaranteed contracts, they can cut you any time they feel like it so they'll make that decision. There's very few Michael Strahans who walk away and get to say, 'This is it. I've had enough. I'm done.' That usually is that 1-out-of-10 guy. We understand that. We've always understood that."

Umenyiora watched practice again Friday night, but this time some fans watching heckled Umenyiora, shouting that the defensive end should honor his contract.

Umenyiora wants a new contract or to be traded. In 2005, he signed a seven-year, $41 million extension, including $15 million guaranteed. He has two years remaining on that deal, with a little more than $7 million in total base salary.

According to ESPN New York 1050 NFL Insider Vinny Cerrato, the Giants have offered to add performance incentives to his contract, such as sack incentives.

"Sources told me the Giants offered him some incentives for him to come in and start practicing, like with eight sacks, 10 sacks, 12 sacks, and 15 sacks was like a $2 million incentive," the former Redskins executive vice president of football operations said on the Mike Lupica show on ESPN New York 1050. "Which puts his salary up to $5 million (for this season). And if he hit 15 sacks and was making $5 million, he is not even close (to) the guys that are getting 15 sacks (who) are making $10 to $12 million."

"So Osi's camp said no to that," Cerrato continued. "And then Osi went back to the Giants and said if you cut off the last year of my deal, make me a free agent after this year, I'll play as long as you don't franchise me and let me go after this year.

"That's where we are right now."

The defensive end remained sidelined at Friday's practice, where he was spotted riding a stationary bicycle. He has not practiced since joining the team July 30. He sat out practice Thursday but it seems the reason was physically related. The team announced that Umenyiora is not practicing "because he says he has a sore knee."

Coughlin said Saturday that team doctors examined his knee "during the physical" the players receive before training camp.

He would not confirm that they have examined it since, but did say, "Well, (the doctors) are here every day, so I'm sure they are."

Umenyiora has an issue with his meniscus, which can be managed and does not require immediate surgery, a source confirmed. The Wall Street Journal first reported the injury.

Although it appears unlikely, Umenyiora could opt for surgery, which would take four to five weeks of recovery time, according to a source. On WFAN, Agnone would not disclose whether Umenyiora was going to have surgery, saying it was something "they would look at" with doctors and the training staff.

"It's a concern, obviously," coach Tom Coughlin said when asked about Umenyiora's knee. "But again, we're day to day until we see how that is."

The Giants did add some depth at the position on Friday, however, re-signing defensive end Dave Tollefson to a one-year contract, the 29-year-old confirmed Saturday.

In a sworn affidavit as part of the recent Tom Brady v. NFL lawsuit during the lockout, Umenyiora said general manager Jerry Reese told him in 2008 that if the defensive end were still playing at a high level in two years, he'd reward him with a new contract or trade him to a team that would pay him like a top-five defensive end.

Umenyiora missed the entire 2008 season with a left knee injury, which required surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus, but the source said his current issue is unrelated.

He also underwent surgery on his hip this offseason, but Coughlin said that was not the reason why he wasn't practicing. Umenyiora said in June that his hip was fully recovered, and Coughlin said he was aware prior to Thursday that Umenyiora had a meniscus issue.

On Monday, Umenyiora's agent was given permission to seek a trade with a team willing to part with a first-round pick. But by Wednesday, the team had rescinded that permission. Umenyiora met with Reese and was excused from Wednesday night's practice to "clear his head," according to a source.

But Umenyiora attended the practice, watching from the sideline.

A source says Umenyiora believes the Giants could have traded him this week if they were willing to lower their price from a first-round pick.

"I hope there is a chance," Umenyiora told The Associated Press in an email earlier this week when asked if there's any chance he can work things out with the Giants. "But who knows. What really annoys me is the hypocrisy of people clamoring for my head for asking for a new deal or to be traded."

On Saturday, Umenyiora's teammate and defensive captain Justin Tuck was mostly mum when asked about Umenyiora, at one point jokingly saying, "I've just been informed that I can no longer answer questions regarding player No. 72."

"Time will tell when (something) happens," Tuck said. "And until that time comes, I'm focused on making this team better.

"You can only concentrate on what you think you can control. As a player, all I can control are my actions. I can't worry about what someone else is doing. I can give my opinion on it, but at the end of the day, you still gotta go out there and perform."

Tuck said the team has not approached him about Umenyiora, "but if they did ask me I'd give them my honest opinion."

Asked what that opinion would be, Tuck responded, "It will be what I tell them when I'm asked about him."

"Honestly, every successful player is gonna have some kind of run-in like this," Tuck said. "Some go smoothly, some don't.

"So, we'll see what happens."

Ohm Youngmisuk covers the Giants for ESPNNewYork.com. Mike Mazzeo is a frequent contributor to ESPN NewYork.com.