Giants' Pat Hanlon on Twitter tear

Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, even Maurice Jones-Drew, move over. The biggest Twitter trash-talker might be New York Giants vice president of communications Pat Hanlon.

Hanlon was at it again Wednesday, calling out fans for questioning the Giants' offseason moves.

On the same night that wide receiver Steve Smith signed with the Eagles, an NFC East rival, a fan tweeted: "Can you say definitively the Giants are better than last year?"

Hanlon's reply: "Can you say we're worse, knucklehead?"

Another fan tweeted: "All teams need to rebuild at one point, I'm not going to panic until the season begins." To which Hanlon says: "Re-build my ass! I got your re-build."

To this tweet from a fan: "Giants off-season can be summed up w/ one word: Debacle," Hanlon responds: "Thanks Lombardi. Cause I know you know."

Another fan said the Giants are worse on paper than they were last year.

"We don't play on paper. You know what you can do w/ that paper?" Hanlon responded.

In the past, Hanlon has used Twitter to poke the New York Jets.

Back in May, Hanlon responded to coach Rex Ryan, who said the Jets would have beaten the Packers had they made it to the Super Bowl, by tweeting: "You gotta be in it to win it" and repeated a Giants motto: "Talk is cheap."

Taking a further jab at Ryan, he tweeted: "Tom Coughlin wrote a book, too. It was about a team and an HC that won a Super Bowl."

The comments prompted Ryan to seemingly joke to ESPNNewYork.com's Jane McManus: "My big thing is, I think I can whip Pat. I'm worried about him throwing a BlackBerry at me."

Despite some of the more inflammatory tweets Wednesday, Hanlon's basic point seemed to be that Giants fans shouldn't panic just because the team hasn't made a substantial splash in free agency.

"Typically, we try to make our noise in Jan-Feb," he tweeted, as well as, "You like winning? Sit tight."