Lawyers issue cease and desist letter

NEW YORK -- Lawyers representing Tim Tebow have issued a cease and desist letter to a T-shirt manufacturer that they say is illegally using the name of the New York Jets quarterback to sell products.

CubbyTees.com created a green shirt that says "My Jesus" in a design that resembles the Jets' logo. Tebow's attorneys threatened to pursue legal action against the company for "using the name of Mr. Tebow" on its site "to promote, advertise and sell numerous T-shirts."

The T-shirt company says it was surprised by the legal threats, and informed Tebow's attorneys that it would not comply with their demands. In a statement, CubbyTees.com says the design "is positive and innocuous" and the graphic "legally sound" since it doesn't mention or depict Tebow.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.