David Diehl apologizes for DUI

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl apologized to his teammates before meeting with reporters and offering another apology to the organization and his fans for his recent DUI arrest.

"I have been here for 10 years and throughout those 10 years I have always tried to carry myself and be a positive role model for people on and off the field," Diehl said. "This weekend, that standard not only set by myself but by this organization, I was far, far short from.

"I apologize to (my teammates), I apologize to my family, the New York Giants, all my fans and to anybody who has supported me throughout these years," Diehl continued. "I am going to make sure that I learn from this, and it is a mistake that I guarantee will never, ever happen again. I will help other people to make sure that they don't make the same decision that I made in this circumstance. I will become a stronger person because of this."

Diehl was arraigned on two counts of impaired driving in Queens and his license was suspended after his BMW struck several parked cars on Sunday evening, authorities said. Diehl was charged after a breathalyzer showed he was above the legal limit. A judge ordered him to be released on his own recognizance and to return to court on July 26.

"David is very remorseful," coach Tom Coughlin said. "He is a very proud young man, as you know. He is very sorry for what happened. He has been an exemplary citizen for this organization. I think that he understands it completely, and as I said, he recognizes and he is going to be a very, very good spokesperson for trying to help young people understand that his mistake could be avoided in whatever way possible."

Teammates have been voicing their support for Diehl, who talked to the team on Tuesday morning.

"He is the ultimate team guy, a guy who sacrifices every week, battles through injuries, hardly ever misses a game," guard Chris Snee said.

"It was a shock to wake up in the morning and I hear that (news)," Snee added. "Dave has been great for this team and a great friend to me. I asked if he is OK and if there is anything I can do. He will handle this with class and we will move on from this."

Diehl said the last thing he wanted for his teammates was for them to have to answer questions about his arrest at a time when they should be focusing on football. He also said he wouldn't answer questions about his arrest while the matter is ongoing.

"I know that there are going to be a ton of questions and people are going to judge me and they are going to say what they want to say about me," Diehl said. "But the true people that have been around me the most, people in this locker room, all the people that I do charity work with week in and week out with, they know who I am as a character and as a person.

"This is the first time in 10 years that I have had to sit here and talk about an incident," Diehl added. "It has been awful and unlike anything else that I have experienced in my life. I can sit here and say and do whatever, but what is most important is my actions. I am a positive role model and will continue to be one."

Diehl might face further disciplinary action from the NFL, which could fine him for violation of the league's substance abuse policy. Under the terms of the 2010 policy, a first DUI offense, absent aggravating circumstances, generally results in a fine of one game check up to a maximum of $50,000, pending a resolution in court to establish an alcohol-related violation of law.

Diehl said he has not heard from the league yet.

"I am sure that they will contact me," Diehl said. "I am accountable for my actions. I am not running, I am a man and can stand up for myself.

"The only thing I can do now is to go out and prove to people that is not the person that I am," he added. "I sincerely regret having to sit here and having this situation occur. I worked extremely hard throughout my career to be a guy that people look up to and being a role model. I do more off the field in the community and for charities than I think anybody in this locker room. I am going to make sure people see this side of me."