Rex Ryan: Jets didn't quit vs. 49ers

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- New York Jets coach Rex Ryan disagreed with San Francisco 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers' claim that the Jets quit during Sunday's 34-0 loss at home.

"When you look at it, certainly we didn't play well. It's obvious we didn't (play) as well to his standards, either," Ryan said Wednesday. "I think we have a reputation in this league as being a tremendous defense and we didn't play that way and I think that's the big thing.

"As far as us quitting, there's no way. That wasn't the case. We got beat, there's no doubt about it, no two ways about it, and we've talked about that. I think it does show that other teams expect a lot of out of this defense but obviously not any more than we expect from ourselves."

The Jets were embarrassed against the 49ers as they could not stop the run and couldn't put together any offense. In the fourth quarter, San Francisco scored half of its points and killed the clock by consistently running the ball while facing little opposition from the Jets. The 49ers tallied 245 rushing yards in the game, the most ever allowed in Ryan's four years as the Jets' coach.

Rogers said he was "shocked" to see that the Jets appeared "ready to get in the shower," and believed that the Jets didn't want to be on the field as the game wore on. Rogers had perhaps the most pivotal play in the game when he returned a Santonio Holmes fumble 51 yards for a touchdown to make it 24-0 in the fourth. Holmes suffered a Lisfranc injury to his foot on the non-contact play before losing the ball and was ruled out for the season on Wednesday by the Jets.

"Yeah, you could see it happening," Rogers said about the Jets quitting on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "It kind of shocked me because a lot of guys on (our) sideline were saying, 'They don't want to tackle, they don't want to do this, they don't want to do that.'

"That's a Rex Ryan defense," he added. "That's a Rex Ryan team ... and his defense, you know, plays throughout. That was the shocking point about it."

Ryan believes the Jets ran out of wind as the game progressed, and credited San Francisco for being the more physical team Sunday. The Jets will have to put the loss behind them quickly as they host undefeated Houston at home Monday night and will try to avoid falling to 2-3.

"I think if you look late in the game, did we get fatigued? I think we did," Ryan said. "I think we wore down a little bit at the end of the game. There's no quit. You look at that tape and there's no quit."

While Jets players also believed they didn't quit during the loss, they seemed to acknowledge why there would be a perception that they quit during the game.

"Honestly, it's an embarrassing thing to have to even address it," linebacker Aaron Maybin said. "It's hard to really say that he was out of line for saying it with the way that we played out there. I really don't have anything to say about it."

He added: "We didn't too much on the field to prove otherwise."

Safety Yeremiah Bell said the defense knows it didn't quit and admitted that fatigue may have been an issue. Linebacker David Harris chalked it up to mistakes.

"I don't see anybody quitting on the film," Harris said. "We just got outplayed, that's all. Too many technical errors, they didn't too many plays we hadn't seen before. Just basic plays and they outplayed us."