Tim Tebow blames media hype

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Tim Tebow responded to the "most overrated" tag that came courtesy of his peers in a Sports Illustrated poll released Thursday.

"Really doesn't bother me too much," Tebow said. "The same players this past offseason voted me in the top 100, so I guess there's several ways you can look at it. They're probably just getting a little sick of hearing all the talk and everything y'all have to say."

A total of 180 players voted in SI's survey, with 34 percent naming Tebow as the league's most overrated.

Tebow also reacted to offensive coordinator Tony Sparano's comments that perhaps he could use the backup quarterback more effectively. He said Sparano hasn't talked to him about changing his role.

"Just every week the game plan is a little different," Tebow said, "so whatever your role is, you try and do it well and be effective with it. Hopefully I can do that."

Dolphins center and former Florida teammate Mike Pouncey said the Jets should use Tebow more during an interview on ESPN New York 98.7 FM.

"I feel his pain," Pouncey said. "Tebow is a playmaker. With playmakers, you either start them or you don't. You can't expect him to play five plays in a game and come in the game and make magic. You have to let him loose and let him make the plays he's always been known to make."

Tebow acknowledged the vote of support.

"I've always enjoyed playing with Pounce and his confidence and when I play with him, his confidence in me," Tebow said. "It definitely means a lot."

Tebow opened up most when asked about how frustrating it was to see the losses mount this season for the 3-4 Jets.

"More than anything, it's definitely frustrating," he said. "Losing is always hard, no matter what your role is or what you are doing. It's tough. I think everybody in this locker room is a competitor. I think that's why they're here, not just because of talent. Talent only gets you so far. I think the competitiveness and drive takes over for a lot of guys to make it to this level.

"It's frustrating when you lose. You get disappointed. You try to put in a good week of practice and work hard and you want to win. That's definitely something that is frustrating, but also motivating. We see where we can improve and how we can get better and how we can turn some of those losses into wins. The thing about the NFL is, a lot of the time it's very small, the difference between a win and a loss. What you could do, one play here, two plays there, you realize the little gaps and huddles that you have to overcome to get some of those wins."