Tom Coughlin awaits NFL response

Tom Coughlin is still perplexed at how the Dallas Cowboys got off three plays in the final 10 seconds of the New York Giants' 29-24 victory in Dallas on Sunday.

Coughlin is hoping to get a response from the NFL about the clock.

"As I mentioned yesterday, the longest 10 seconds I've ever been around," Coughlin said on a conference call with reporters on Monday. "Three plays in 10 seconds, two of which went to the end zone, seems a little much to me. And we'll have to see if we can get some kind of response from the league on that."

The NFL office is closed on Monday and Tuesday with Hurricane Sandy shutting down New York and much of the East Coast.

An NFL spokesperson said the league was "not aware of any issues with the clock as of this morning. Carl Johnson and his crew will review it as soon as they can and get back to the Giants."

Coughlin was asked what he thinks is the reason for the Cowboys being able to get three plays off in 10 seconds.

"You were at the game, you saw it," Coughlin said. "I don't have any answer for you. I mean two plays into the end zone are going to take more than four seconds apiece. I don't have anything for you other than that. You have to speculate on the rest of that."

With 16 seconds remaining, Tony Romo threw a pass to the back of the end zone to Dez Bryant. Bryant caught it, but his hand landed out of bounds as he went to break his fall. The clock had six seconds remaining when the officials reviewed the play. After the initial touchdown ruling was overturned by replay, the clock was readjusted to 10 seconds.

"I didn't get why we went from six seconds to 10, but they must have seen that upstairs or something," Giants co-owner John Mara said after the game. "So I'm sure that was correct. I give them a lot of credit to be able to get three plays off in 10 seconds."

The Cowboys then ran three successive plays. Romo threw a short pass to Jason Witten, who got out of bounds at the Giants' 27 for a 10-yard gain in four seconds. On the next play, Romo threw an incomplete pass over the middle intended for Miles Austin that left one second on the clock.

On the final play, Romo scrambled before lofting a desperation pass out of the end zone.

When asked if the Giants can get three plays off in 10 seconds, Coughlin said, "I don't think so."

"You know when there's seven seconds, I was telling the coaches this morning, and you've got the ball, we keep trying that (to run a couple of plays)," Coughlin said. "I've rushed into taking a timeout and then said, 'You know what, we can't take a chance on this,' and go ahead and kicked a field goal with seven (seconds).

"But based on that, the way in which that was projected last night, we could have had two plays (in seven seconds)."