Darrelle Revis wants to stay a Jet

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- With his left ACL still healing, Darrelle Revis said he wants to be back with the New York Jets and expects to be 100 percent ready for next season. And he expects that quarterback Mark Sanchez will be, too -- with a few caveats.

"I just think he has to just focus on football," Revis said. "Don't get into the 'he-said she-said,' and listening to outsiders. It's all about being focused and playing what you love."

On the final day of the 2012 season for the Jets, players such as Tim Tebow and Bart Scott avoided the locker room after their loss to the Bills capped a three-game losing streak and gave them a 6-10 record. Not Revis, who was not obligated to speak to the media due to his season-ending injury. The star cornerback and Sanchez, who took a lot of the blame for the season, stood at their lockers and answered every question.

Revis spent the better part of the season rehabilitating his knee and watching the team go from contender to circus one difficult game at a time.

"We're not far, it's just this year there was a lot of stuff going on," Revis said. "The injuries and playing some good teams, we played tough teams. The season kind of spiraled into turmoil from injuries and I think we couldn't really bounce back from that."

The player who might represent the best draft pick of the Mike Tannenbaum era said it was "sad" to see the general manager go. At the same time, Revis may have been Tannenbaum's biggest headache, with two holdouts since being drafted in 2007.

After a contentious relationship, Revis was in the meeting in which Tannenbaum got up and addressed the team as a way of saying goodbye.

"He had a great speech that he wrote in the team meeting," Revis said. "Guys clapped for him afterwards and felt sorry for him."

Earlier in the season, Revis conveyed that Tannenbaum's front office had given Revis reason to believe his deal would be reworked before this season, and it wasn't. But this season, Revis didn't hold out, and he said he wants to get the Jets back on track.

"I definitely want to be here," Revis said. "This is where I live, this is the team I got drafted by."

At the same time, Revis alluded more than once to a lack of playmakers on the team. Although he wouldn't be specific, the Jets had a distinct lack of consistent and high-quality wide receivers healthy each week.

"I think Rex is a great coach, just looking outside-in, we just need to evaluate this offseason and get some guys in here, some playmakers in here," Revis said.

Since Revis was on the sideline, he got to see the season from a different point of view, one that he didn't like. He had to read reports of the Jets' troubles and was powerless to reverse the season's course. He said it was hard reading outside assessments of the team.

"I was kind of upset at you guys' comments," Revis told reporters. "It was different for me looking outside in because I really don't pay a lot of attention to the media when you're playing. There's comments left and right about my teammates, about the coaches, about everything, but the only thing in is show support."

He also addressed the possible distraction that was backup quarterback Tebow.

"I don't really think it was a circus," Revis said. "When Tim came, everything exploded to more media. And that's OK, there's media in every locker room for us as a team, just not falling into those distractions and those traps. We try to do the best we can, we try to keep the locker room positive. Other than that, Tim Tebow is Tim Tebow, the media is going to follow him anywhere. Those types of things you just accept them because you know what type of person he is and what type of player he is."

As for Sanchez, Revis thinks he can rebound from a year in which he threw 18 interceptions, in part because this season was a bad situation overall.

"I've got confidence in Mark, tough year for him. ... It's sad," Revis said. "The only thing you can try to do is just lift him up as much as you can and be positive around him. I mean, I know it's tough. We win he gets the credit, we lose he gets the credit. And that's what comes with being the quarterback, every quarterback knows that on all 32 teams. You win you get the credit, you lose you get the credit."