Rex Ryan involved in car accident

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was involved in a car accident last week in Bethlehem, Pa., the team's public relations department confirmed on Tuesday.

Ryan drove through an intersection on Jan. 14 and collided with another car, which ran into a third car, according to the police report.

The police issued Ryan a warning rather than a ticket or summons, according to the Jets. One witness told police that he saw Ryan run a red light, and Ryan told officers he "tried to beat the light."

Ryan was driving in his red 2013 Mustang and caused the three-car crash at 6:13 p.m at the corners of West Third Street and Wyandotte. There were no injuries to any occupants of the vehicles. Ryan's Mustang sustained moderate damage to the front end. He opted not to drive the car away and pulled over to wait for someone to pick him up, according to the report.

A Bethlehem Police Department statement said the investigation is ongoing.

The department has 30 days to investigate an accident. On Wednesday, the Bethlehem Police Department statement said there was one more witness to interview. There was a delay in the process as the officer at the scene was injured later and another officer took over the investigation, according to a police department source.

According to Bruce Thomas, a longtime attorney in Northampton County, the penalty for running a red light in the Bethlehem area is generally a ticket and fine.

"The fines are normally at the discretion of the court and are between zero and $300," Thomas said.

On Thursday, the team has a planned news conference to introduce new general manager John Idzik at 11 a.m. Ryan and team owner Woody Johnson are expected to be available.

Ryan has been critiqued heavily despite keeping his job as the Jets searched for a new general manager. The coach was in the news after a disappointing 6-10 season ended, when he was photographed on the beach with a tattoo of his wife wearing a No. 6 Mark Sanchez jersey.

When Johnson was searching for a new general manager, taking Ryan as the coach was non-negotiable. Johnson defended the move by saying that he can recognize talent, and he sees it in Ryan.