Giants' Brandon Jacobs sounds off

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- If you bump into New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, here's a tip: Don't mention your fantasy football team.

A day after calling out a fan via Twitter who threatened him and his family over the running back's performance Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings, Jacobs took aim at fantasy football fans en masse.

"Us as football players, we don't owe y'all nothing," Jacobs said. "It's up to you to manage your team the way you want to manage it. The only owners and general managers I owe anything to is Jerry Reese, the Mara and the Tisch family. Everybody else, I don't concern myself with."

On Tuesday, Jacobs tweeted a picture of a fan's tweet ordering the running back to rush for 50 yards and two touchdowns against the Vikings or "it's over for you and yo family." That tweet also included a racist epithet.

"Look at what we deal with," Jacobs wrote, referring to the fan's tweet.

He expanded on that Wednesday with reporters.

"I think fantasy football is good, but I think it has disconnected a lot of players from dealing with the fans, because that's all people ever talk about," Jacobs said. "You sit down and eat at a restaurant, and people say, 'Hey yo, I got you on my fantasy team, bro, you gotta do something for me this week.' I'm trying to enjoy my dinner.

"It's a huge problem if you ask me, as a player, because players don't want to deal with that. Players don't want to hear anything about fantasy football -- we're not living fantasy football. I was living in fantasy football in August, and my only fantasy was, I want to go back with the Giants. That was my fantasy football."

As for the fan who threatened him, Jacobs said, "It's just a kid being dumb."

"He later tweeted me saying he was only joking," the running back said. "When you say stuff like that and think it's a joke, it's a problem. It's a good thing he was where he was at that time."

Jacobs was not on an NFL roster at the start of the season but was signed by the Giants after running back David Wilson fumbled twice in the team's Week 1 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. He rushed for 106 yards against the Chicago Bears two weeks ago but has been sidelined since with a hamstring injury.

Jacobs did not play against the Vikings, did not practice Wednesday and would not estimate his chances of playing this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"My hamstring's fine; it's getting better," Jacobs said. "I'm just gonna let the trainers and Coach [Tom] Coughlin talk about it and deal with it as they want to. But it feels good."