Plaxico Burress: Eli Manning in with win

Win and he's in. That is Plaxico Burress' take on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

"He's one win away, I think, from being a Hall of Famer. I really believe that," Burress said Friday on "The Scott Van Pelt Show" on ESPN Radio.

Burress caught the winning touchdown pass from Manning in Super Bowl XLII. Manning will play for his second ring on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI.

"If he goes out and wins this game," Buress said of his former teammate, "I really believe he's gonna be a Hall of Famer."

The Giants' current five-game winning streak started with a victory over Burress' Jets on Christmas Eve.

"He's just been lights out for the last month and a half," Burress said of Manning. "His play has really just elevated to a level to where he's throwing the ball with tremendous confidence, putting it in tight places and the guys are out there making plays for him.

"He commands the offense, puts them in great position to get up and down the football field. He goes out and wins this game (Sunday), he's going to silence a lot of people."

Burress made his Super Bowl allegiance clear.

"I think the Giants win," he said. "I'm not going for the Patriots, that's for sure. The Patriots broke my heart too many times when I was in Pittsburgh, all of those AFC championships. Me and Tom Brady have been going at it ever since the Michigan-Michigan State days, so he's been a thorn in my side for the last 12 to 13 years.

"As far as from the Giants standpoint, I've built some great relationships over there and I'm still great friends with some of these guys outside of football. We hang out, even during the season when I was playing for the Jets. I'm running with Big Blue."

Burress' Giants career ended in 2008, when he accidentally shot himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub. The incident violated New York's gun laws and led to a prison sentence for Burress.