John Tortorella wants review system

NEW YORK -- New York Rangers coach John Tortorella wants hockey to adopt an NFL-style review system for the last minute of a game, he said in a pregame news conference Thursday.

The Rangers saw their late-game rally fall short in Tuesday's 1-0 loss to the Devils after a goaltender interference call against them negated what would've been the game-tying goal with less than four seconds to play. Tortorella was careful not to link the suggestion with criticism of that particular play -- he was fined $30,000 last month for ripping officials after the team's 3-2 win over the Flyers in the annual Winter Classic -- but said he supports a system that would require any questionable call to be reviewed by the league's nerve center in Toronto in the last minute of regulation.

In the NFL, calls and plays are reviewed "upstairs" in the last two minutes of the game.

"I'm not questioning the call, but it brings up a discussion and I think the NFL gets it right," Tortorella said before the Rangers hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning at MSG. "In the last two minutes, it's a booth replay to get the call right. I haven't thought it all through. But maybe the last minute of an NHL hockey game, get that call right. Maybe you do have to go upstairs and make sure it's the right call."

Tortorella said calls that could have serious implications on the game's outcome deserve the league's concern and attention.

"We spend a lot of B.S. with the shootout and all these little gimmicks we have in our game, I think it's more important to make sure we get the calls right in those situations," he said.

The fiery coach admitted he hasn't spent significant time thinking about a new policy, but believes clarity is needed.

"Have I thought the ramifications through? No. I'm just speaking as far as what we experienced the other night. Maybe it does take a few extra seconds but in the last minute of a game you need to try to get that call right," he said. "I'm not saying [Tuesday's goaltender interference call] was wrong, [I was] just saying you've got to get it right."

Katie Strang covers the NHL for ESPNNewYork.com.