RC just makes the cut

BUDDS CREEK, Md. -- Coming off a 1-1 weekend at
Southwick last weekend, Ricky Carmichael regained
his winning confidence, as well as the points lead
he's so used to being in control of. At Budds Creek,
Carmichael was dominant again, but only for one

Moto One:
Kevin Windham pulled the holeshot in moto one
followed by Carmichael and John Dowd. Windham
looked fast even with Carmichael hot on his heels. RC made a move on lap three but
Windham retaliated and held the champ at bay until lap six when Carmichael made his
final move and checked out with the lead.

Windham backpedaled to fifth while Tim Ferry Mike LaRocco and Sebastien Tortelli
took over the top four. Windham put up a good fight with LaRocco and Tortelli but the
Honda guys took over and set their sights on Ferry. LaRocco slipped by Ferry with
just over two laps to go and Tortelli followed suit but not without a fight from Ferry.
On the final lap, Tortelli tried to make a move on LaRocco but it wasn't meant to be.
RC took the win followed by LaRocco, Tortelli, Ferry and Windham.

Moto Two:
Windham grabbed the holeshot again in moto two with Ryan Hughes, Dowd, Thomas
Hofmaster and Robbie Reynard in tow. Carmichael started in mid-pack and finished
the first lap in 10th, but crashed in the off-camber section and again ran at the back
of the pack.

Meanwhile, Windham was way out front looking like the K-Dub that won the Budds
Creek national and Budds Creek USGP in 1999. By the halfway point, Windham was
so far out front he could have stopped to change his oil. By that point it was obvious
the racing was for second place. Ferry battled with Hughes to take second but he
stalled his bike on lap six and dropped all the way back to seventh.

This left the door open for Tortelli, Dowd and LaRocco battle it out for the runner-up
position. On lap eight, LaRocco had it out with Dowd for the final podium spot but the
junk yard dog didn't give up easily. By the time LaRocco got around Dowd, Tortelli
was long gone.

With two laps to go, Carmichael had caught up to fifth place and the top five was
looking spread out. Tortelli was looking for his second win of the year with a 3-2 and
Windham was looking for second with a 5-1. But Carmichael, who isn't satisfied with
anything other than first came to realize if he passed Dowd, he would go from third
to first in the overall. Faced with an eight-second deficit, RC put his head down and
mounted a charge that many didn't believe could be done. With a little bumping,
Carmichael passed Dowd for fourth and the overall win. Windham took the moto win
followed by Tortelli and LaRocco.

"I thought I was going for third overall out there," Carmichael said. "Every point counts
and this just goes to prove that."

Hard luck days: Ezra Lusk, who finished seventh in moto one, didn't finish the second
moto because of bike problems. David Vuillemin finished sixth in the first moto, but fell
in the second corner. He remounted for 10th.


1. Ricky Carmichael - 1-4
2. Sebastien Tortelli - 3-2
3. Mike LaRocco - 2-3
4. Kevin Windham - 5-1
5. Tim Ferry - 4-6
6. John Dowd - 8-5
7. Robbie Reynard - 9-7
8. David Vuillemin - 6-10
9. Ryan Hughes - 12-8
10. Travis Preston - 10-11
11. Clark Stiles - 15-12
12. Ezra Lusk - 7-34
13. Kyle Lewis - 29-9
14. Ty Wallace - 14-16
15. Stephane Roncada - 11-22
16. Dustin Nelson - 39-13
17. Kevin Crine - 13-36
18. Paul Carpenter - 23-14
19. Jason Thomas - 31-15
20. Scott Davis - 18-19

Point Standings (After 5 of 12 rounds):

1. Carmichael - 205
2. Windham - 192
3. Tortelli - 190
4. Ferry - 185
5. LaRocco - 182
6. Vuillemin - 135
7. Dowd - 135
8. Roncada - 100
9. Hughes - 99
10. Lewis - 89
11. Lusk - 87
12. Reynard - 83
13. Preston - 81
14. Thomas - 49
15. Carpenter - 31
16. Nelson - 28
17. Smets - 27
18. Anthony Amaradio - 24
19. Doug Henry - 23
20. Atsuta Yoshitaka - 23

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