Shumpert will appeal suspension

PHOENIX -- Colorado Rockies infielder Terry Shumpert was
suspended for two games on Friday for throwing an elbow at
Arizona's Erubiel Durazo in a rundown at home plate last weekend.

Shumpert had the players' union file an appeal, a move that
allows him to play until the process is complete. He was in the
lineup at second base for Friday night's game against the

"How anybody could insinuate that Terry Shumpert would
intentionally do that to anybody is beyond me," Rockies manager
Buddy Bell said. "All you've got to do is watch the tape, and you
can tell that he's got his head down. He was just trying to jar the
ball loose with the elbow."

Arizona manager Bob Brenly saw last Sunday's play a bit

"I don't think he was intentionally going out of his way to
injure another player," Brenly said. "I think it was just one of
those heat-of-the-moment things. But when you slow down the video
and look at it, it really is flagrant."

Durazo received a concussion in the play -- a first-inning
rundown between third and home -- and has experienced bouts of
blurred vision that have kept him off the field since.

The collision occurred after Shumpert knocked the ball out of
the glove of catcher Damian Miller. Durazo, who was playing first
base, went to cover home and was trying to field an errant throw
from Miller when Shumpert arrived. His run was crucial in a 7-6
victory that prevented the Diamondbacks from sweeping the four-game

Durazo had to be restrained from charging Shumpert. He went
0-for-3 before leaving the game in the seventh inning to have his
jaw X-rayed.

Brenly said he would have been happy if Shumpert had been
required to miss the same number of games as Durazo.

"I guess what Frank Robinson handed down today is going to have
to be adequate," Brenly said. "We've been without one of our most
valuable offensive weapons since the day of the incident. He's
listed as day-to-day, but because of post-concussion syndrome, he's
basically unavailable to us."

Shumpert was unaware that Durazo had been sitting out games
until a reporter told him in the clubhouse.

"I didn't know that," Shumpert said. "You don't want this to
happen, but I don't know what I could do. I apologized afterward."

The Rockies don't play in New York until Aug. 21, when they
start a three-game series with the Mets, and Shumpert wasn't sure
how long the appeal process would take.

"I'll just wait until they call me," he said.