Ferry, Tortelli win 250cc Motos

NEW BERLIN, N.Y. -- Ricky Carmichael can now
officially say he is the greatest American
motocrosser ever. Carmichael, 21, did in only four
and a half seasons what Bob Hannah took an entire
career to accomplish. With the win today,
Carmichael passed Hannah as the all-time
winningest rider in America with 38 wins.

Though Carmichael will most likely continue to
extend his lead past 38 wins, the legendary
"Hurricane" Hannah will always be remembered as
one of the most exciting and prolific riders to ever race motocross.

"I wish I was there," said Hannah who was called at his home in Idaho by track
announcer Tim Cotter. "Well, I couldn't say I wanted it to go to anyone else, he (Ricky)
deserved it (the title). Maybe next year I'll have to come back and watch the race at
Unadilla. But if I want that record back I'll have to bring a bike won't I?"

Of course a win is a win but this one was a little more uncharacteristic than the rest.
Carmichael took the win via 2-2 moto scores as he battled a stomach bug throughout
the day.

"I didn't really want to win with a 2-2," Carmichael said. "But it's nice to come away
still with the points lead and now with the record."

Moto One:

Ryan Hughes pulled the holeshot followed by Kevin Windham, Carmichael and Tim
Ferry. Windham took the lead from Hughes in the third corner and Carmichael
followed suit for second.

Sebastien Tortelli's day got off on the wrong foot when went down after the Gravity
Cavity and took off in dead last. Tortelli fell over again on the second lap in almost the
same place.

Hughes and Carmichael went back and forth but Carmichael took over for good by
the end of lap one and set his sights on Windham. K-Dub held a comfortable lead until
lap six when both Carmichael and Ferry closed the gap. But Windham dumped it just
before Screw U, handing the lead to RC and Ferry.

One lap later Ferry flat out caught and passed Carmichael and then pulled away. With
Ferry and RC spread out, the battle was for third between Mike LaRocco and Kevin
Windham. Their speed carried them to the back tire of Carmichael. But when RC
realized he was about to be passed again, he turned up the wick and pulled away
from LaRocco who had his hands full with a charging Windham.

Tortelli was the fastest guy on the track, turning lap times one second faster than
Ferry. Tortelli came from dead last to finish the race fifth.

In the end, it was Tim Ferry who cruised to win the first 250cc moto of his career.
Carmichael broke away from LaRocco to finish second and the battle for third was a
photo finish between LaRocco and Windham, with the former taking third by a half

"I don't know what to say," Carmichael said. "I was riding as hard as I could and
these guys were beating me. I need to figure something out."

"I felt really good in practice," Ferry said. This is a tough track and we had my
suspension dialed in. The four stroke was working awesome out there."

Moto Two:

At the start it was Hughes again followed by Carmichael, Windham, Clark Stiles and
John Dowd. First moto winner, Ferry came out of the gate in eighth.

Carmichael wasted no time passing Hughes and by lap three, Windham, Tortelli and
Ferry had followed suit.

Ferry was a few seconds back in third when his front brake cable came unhooked
and he was forced to pull into the pits to have it cut off. Ferry finished the rest of the
moto with no front brake. He charged from outside the top 15 to finish seventh.

RC was in the lead but the man to watch was Tortelli. After sweeping by Windham
on lap four, Tortelli started wearing down Carmichael. On lap nine Tortelli made his
move before the Gravity Cavity but Carmichael leaped out of the ravine completely
sideways to set up Tortelli for a pass in the next corner. The two went back and
forth in a battle that saw the lead change six times in one lap. Tortelli eventually
caught a little breathing room when Carmichael ran off the track on lap ten and the
Honda rider cruised to the moto win. Carmichael settled for second place and the

LaRocco, who finished third in the first moto disappeared on lap ten and finished the
race in 13th.

Overall Results:

1. Ricky Carmichael - 2-2
2. Sebastien Tortelli - 5-1
3. Tim Ferry - 1-7
4. Kevin Windham - 4-3
5. Ryan Hughes - 7-4
6. David Vuillemin - 6-5
7. Mike LaRocco - 3-13
8. Stephane Roncada - 9-6
9. John Dowd - 8-10
10. Jean Sebastien Roy - 11-8
11. Kyle Lewis - 14-9
12. Paul Carpenter - 13-12
13. Travis Preston - 12-17
14. Scott Carter - 17-14
15. Robbie Reynard - 10-36

Point Standings (After 7 of 12 rounds):

1. Carmichael - 299/4 wins
2. Windham - 260
3. Tortelli - 255
4. Ferry - 252
5. LaRocco - 238
6. Vuillemin - 190
7. Dowd - 189
8. Hughes - 169
9. Roncada - 165
10. Lewis - 130
11. Ezra Lusk - 124
12. Reynard - 118
13. Preston - 110
14. Jason Thomas - 64
15. Carpenter - 57

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