Construction could be delayed until 2002

The Air Line Pilots Association has asked federal regulators to delay construction of a new Arizona Cardinals stadium for four months to allow time to deal with flight safety concerns.

The FAA was expected to rule by Sept. 9 as to whether the location of the stadium posed a hazard to planes flying in and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The state's Tourism and Sports Authority, which is overseeing the project, proposed moving the planned stadium east and south of the flight path, saying it believed that change eliminated the safety issue.

The FAA hasn't commented, but if it grants the pilots' request, construction that was to have started early next month would be delayed until 2002.

Costs also would rise well above the estimated $334 million, the oversight panel said, noting that the construction company's price guarantee was effective only through late September.

Preliminary construction work already was placed on hold when the safety issue surfaced a few weeks ago.