Chat wrap: David Walker

David Walker weighs in his tournament leading catch for day 1 of the BASS Masters Classic. 

On Thursday, August 2, David Walker, the leader after the first day of competition at the Bassmaster's Classic dropped by to take your questions.

Walker is in the lead after the first day that saw extremely tough conditions. Here's what he had to say about his first day.

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David Walker: Yehaw! I'm just sooo happy to be leading right now. I'm told that only one guy in 17 yrs, after leading the first round, has won the Classic, but I can't see how the lead can hurt at this point with the weather deteriorating. Thanks for visiting.

Bass*DC*(Washington DC): Congratulations! At the moment, you're the Tiger Woods of bass fishing. With your success today, do you feel that your pattern will hold-up for the next two days?

David Walker: Sure. The pattern is flippin and pitchin. That's what wins nearly every tourney here. And I'll continue to fish Venice. But I'll watch the tropical storm that's developing...that may force a change.

Russ Bassdozer (Page, AZ): David, did the phase of the tide have any bearing on your cathes today? Was there a certain stage of the tide which made for better fishing for you...or was fishing rather the same all day regardless of the tidal stage?

David Walker: Fishing was good for me because we had a high tide situation all day with the tropical winds pushing the water inland. But that area really exceeds when the tide's low... so we'll see tomorrow.

East wind

Ashleigh / Punta Gorda, Florida: Uncle David, I am so proud of you. I saw you on TV. I LOVE YOU!!!! Good Luck I hope you win again. I miss you so much I can't quit thinking about you. I even miss Sissy, tell her that I LOVE HER VERY MUCH TOO.
Love Ashleigh

David Walker: I miss you, too. Thank you.

Jose (Melvindale): David, if the strom comes in and messes up your spots...where will you go? I'm sure you have a back-up plan...can you share it with us?

David Walker: I wish I had a backup plan. Plan B says "revert to Plan A".

Bass*DC*(Washington DC): We saw that the old standby blk/blu jig'n pig was successful today. Will you use a similar bait tomorrow and if so, what's your favorite?

David Walker: Sure, Gambler makes a jig called the Ninja and I used it with a trailer called a Flex Chunk. I've got a lot of confidence in that lure, so I'll continue to use it tomorrow.

Russ Bassdozer (Page, AZ): Hi David, were you using scent/attractant on your lures today, and how much difference, if any, do you think scent makes to your catches? Thanks

David Walker: Yeah, I was using Bang garlic spray. Any time you fish heavy cover, I think it's to your advantage to use scent to help the fish find the bait and hold on a little longer. There's no reason NOT to use scent.

Barry (Sullivan,IL) : First off congratulations. How do you remain focused after a great start? Must apologize for weather service nameing storm after me..LOL

David Walker: It is easy to get caught up in the hoopla, but the first-day success really gives me more confidence that I can actually win this thing. Btw, tell your storm that Okeechobee needs the rain more than we do.

BIG OL' BASS: Where did you start fishing? How long was your initial run, in miles and hours?

David Walker: Venice. We ran around 110 -120 miles and that lasted around 2 hours....and, man, we got beat up.

MargaretNTerry: If you don't acknowledge me, you can't park your boat at my house again!!!

David Walker: Ok

David Walker: Hope Jack's doing better. Thanks for the support.

Don Ellerbee/John Dunlap Arcadia FL: David, congrats on the first day and hope you can keep going for the win!!

David Walker: THanks, little buddy.

Todd(Corinth,MS Pickwick Lake): You always here how time consuming being the classic champ is. Well it seems to me that being the first day leader and having to live up to commitments like this chat session might be a disadvantage to you in preparation time tonight. Do you agree with this assumption?

David Walker: Yeah, as a matter of fact, let's make the last question. I'm starvin! I hope to see you guys back in here tomorrow night at the same time still leading this thing. Thanks!