Close call should drop Miami in the rankings

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. -- Miami does not deserve to maintain its No. 1 ranking after Saturday's 18-7 victory over Boston College. Great teams find a way to win, and Miami is a great team, but it doesn't deserve to be ranked No. 1. Nebraska is far and away the best team that I have seen.

Of course, if Miami plays this way against Syracuse, it will all become a moot point anyway because Syracuse will beat the Hurricanes. But there's a difference between Saturday's victory over Boston College and next week's game against the Orangemen -- it will be in the warm air of Miami.

We saw the Achilles heel of Ken Dorsey's game against the Eagles, and that is when the weather is below 60 degrees. It was a chilly afternoon, and the wind at Alumni Stadium swirled. Dorsey threw four interceptions, but running back Clinton Portis (35 carries for 159 yards) saved them. Every great quarterback has a bad day, but if you want to be a Heisman winner, you can't have a day like that. From what I have seen, unless Eric Crouch stumbles, the Heisman is his to lose.

Boston College went into this game without William Green, the nation's leading rusher, but redshirt-sophomore Derrick Knight ran well for the Eagles. If it wasn't for a missed chip-shot field goal by Kevin McMyler, the Brian St. Pierre interception wouldn't have happened. The Eagles would have been able to kick a field goal in the final seconds to win this game.

I am neither anti-Miami nor anti-Dorsey. The Hurricanes are a great team and Dorsey is a solid quarterback. But does Miami deserve to play in the Rose Bowl presented by AT&T on Jan. 3? That remains to be seen. I will be interested to see what happens in the coaches and Associated Press polls on Sunday.

Portis says Miami can't control the polls, that it only can keep winning. Nonetheless, this victory puts a lot more pressure on Miami than Syracuse next week. Syracuse can look at this game and see that Miami is not invincible. The Hurricanes put their pads and helmets on the same way as the Orangemen do. If they were playing it the Carrier Dome, I would say it would be a must-see game.

And there are a lot of question marks in my mind for Dec. 1, when Miami plays at Virginia Tech on what should be a cold day in Blacksburg, Va. All I can think of is the last time Dorsey had a bad game -- in the chilly air of Seattle last season when the 'Canes last lost, to Washington. Of course, that bears in mind that the Hokies wake up by then.