Rules - Communicating

Message Boards
ESPN's Fantasy Racing also offers message boards where team owners can post questions, messages, and polls. All users must read and understand the Terms of Service Agreement prior to use.

Communication between Teams
Teams may communicate with each other through Bulletin Boards -- which allow members of groups and leagues to communicate with all members of their league -- and via e-mail found on each team owner's Personal Profile.

ESPN encourages franchise owners to keep their communications professional and courteous at all times. Communications must be free from profanity, defamation, harassment of any kind, and any other derogatory epithets. We reserve the right to remove any objectionable communications and bar any franchise owner from further play for any perceived violation of these rules.

Mailing the League Office
You may send a message directly to the ESPN Fantasy Racing League Office.

League Office Mail Form

The League Office receives a high volume of mail each day, each of which is read by members of the Commissioner's staff. Questions which deal with a short term problem which has been corrected, an issue which the League Office is aware of and has noted on the Fantasy Racing frontpage under the 'Attention Game News' box, and/or offensive comments may not receive a response from the League Office.