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Adam Rubin has covered the Mets since 2003. He's a graduate of Mepham High School on Long Island and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He joined ESPNNewYork after spending 10 years at the New York Daily News.
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Harvey Day, spring training edition, arrives!

Matt Harvey is back -- sort of -- as he's set for his first game since August 2013.

Worth asking: Is Alderson on way out?

You have to start wondering if Sandy Alderson's Mets days are numbered.

Blame it on Sandy

Frustrated Mets fans should blame the GM, not the manager or the owners.

5 nonembarrassing ways Mets can up fans

The Mets want to win fans. Here's how to do it with some pride.

On the eve of his Mets spring debut, Noah Syndergaard flies below the radar.

Early line on the Mets' 2014 outlook

It's easy to be optimistic as pitchers and catchers report. But are the Mets better?

Pitching Preview: Well-armed minus Harvey

With Matt Harvey out for 2014, we raise five questions about the Mets' pitching.

After health scare, Mets' Gee healthy, wealthy

Two years after a serious health scare, Mets' Gee is both healthy and wealthy.

Time for Alderson to act like a winner

Pressure is mounting for Mets GM Sandy Alderson to field a winner.

Mets' mantra: Ya gotta be optimistic

The 2013 Mets likely won't contend. But their second half means something.

Give Matt Harvey the damn ball

Matt Harvey has earned the right to start the All-Star Game at Citi Field.

Wheeler on verge of Big Apple stage

Zack Wheeler is almost here, and his two brothers are big reasons why.

Ike Davis could soon be Ike Vegas

If he doesn't turn things around quickly, Ike Davis will be off to Triple-A.

Collins was wrong -- but he was right

Mets manager Terry Collins was wrong about his rant. He was also oh-so right.

Mets' clouds have some silver linings

It's not all fair weather in Flushing, but there is some good news.

Mets' spring adding up to a negative

How bad could 2013 be for the Mets? If you ask, you're not paying attention.

Spring has sprung in Port St. Lucie

Here are four things in store for the Mets this spring.

Wheeler, Harvey spend quality time

Terry Collins hopes Zack Wheeler will learn a lot from Matt Harvey.

'This is where I wanted to be'

David Wright arrived early to spring complex and discussed a big offseason.

Roster competition? He's faced worse

Never mind d'Arnaud -- Landon Powell is the catcher with the amazin' backstory.

Mets catch a rising star in d'Arnaud

Scouts, MLB insiders say Mets catch a rising star in Travis d'Arnaud.

Mets finally decide: No pain, no gain

In making Dickey deal, Mets finally decide: No pain, no gain.

Wait 'til next year? Not so much

The Mets won't offer false hope for 2013. Instead, they offer none.

Amazin' issues still loom large

Major issues remain unresolved as the Mets depart Nashville.

Mets' Rockie road turns 'nightmare'

With the Mets mired in another losing season, it's hard to see how it gets better.

Mets' Harvey makes dream debut

Matt Harvey's MLB debut was everything he, and the Mets, could ask for.

Mets' midseason report card

Grading the New York Mets at the halfway point of the season.

Collins: 'They don't give up'

'Quality at-bats' are key to the Mets' surprising first-half success.

R.A. Dickey's knuckleball legacy

R.A. Dickey is dominating hitters and inspiring other knuckleballers.

Buck, knuck and a little bit of luck

"It was fairly poetic," R.A. Dickey said after he one-hit Buck Showalter's O's.

Dickey cements standing among elite

The only Met unaware of R.A. Dickey's greatness vs. Rays was his catcher.

Mets aren't giving up just yet

The sloppy Mets were swept in the Bronx. But don't expect them to quit just yet.

Big night for Jeremy Hefner

Mets rookie Jeremy Hefner got his first win and homer in the same game.

Byrdak's flight from retail to relief

A decade ago, Tim Byrdak was working the overnight shift at a Target in Chicago.

Wright shows fire Mets require

The Mets need the fire David Wright showed against Terry Collins.

Mets star a keeper? Got that Wright

Batting .402 is latest proof David Wright should be part of Mets' long-term plan.

Mets making magic on a budget

This young, gritty Mets team may not play into October, but who cares?

Mets feeling Philadelphia euphoria

A jubilant David Wright struggled to recall the Mets' last three-game sweep in Philly.

Don't expect help from farm system

Filling Pelfrey's spot has been an issue. But don't expect help from the farm.

Santana still winless, but content

'We won, and that's all I care about,' said a winless Johan Santana.

No way, Jose -- this was Johan's day

Johan Santana stole the show in Jose Reyes' return to Citi Field.

Santana, after shortest career start: 'I felt fine'

Johan Santana made more bad memories in Atlanta, but he swears he's fine.

Davis goes from deep funk to deep shot

Ike Davis' first homer in nearly a year eased the pain of a bullpen meltdown.

All eyes on Mets' Jason Bay

With David Wright out of the Mets lineup, all eyes are now on Jason Bay.

Davey sees Doc in Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg is reminiscent of Doc Gooden. Says who? Try Davey Johnson.

Santana's return to mound a success

Johan Santana's return to the mound Thursday was a success.

Inside Johan Santana's comeback

Inside Santana's Amazin' return: From shoulder surgery to Opening Day starter.

Breaking down the Mets' 2012 lineup

Sans Reyes, Beltran and Pagan, Collins & Co. must rely more on power.

Mets end Madoff mess with a win

Amazin' math: A $162M fraud judgment equals a victory for Wilpons.

Spring forward? No, Mets fall back

The Mets are struggling this spring. It doesn't mean much, but it isn't irrelevant.

$83M question: Will Wilpons lose Mets?

Will the Wilpons lose the Mets? That was the $83 million question on Monday.

The Mets as underdogs? That's rich

The Mets are not the Yankees, but do they have to act like the Pirates?

Reyes' replaceMet: 'I'm Ruben Tejada'

Ruben Tejada says he's not trying to make anyone forget Jose Reyes.

Ruben Tejada will be at camp on time. But his skipper wanted him there early.

Ruben Tejada will be at camp on time. But his skipper wanted him there early.

Collins optimistic in difficult situation

Terry Collins is remaining optimistic about his team's chances to compete in 2012.

Wheeler gives Mets hope

Top prospect Zack Wheeler is poised to be part of an Amazin' rotation someday.

Sean Ratliff back on track with Mets

Coming off an eye injury, Sean Ratliff hopes to pick up where he left off.

Wright opens up on future with Mets

David Wright wants to be a lifelong Met, but questions remain about his future.

Wilpons face uphill battle to hold Mets

Buried in losses on and off the field, Wilpons face uphill battle to keep Mets.

Firestorm threatens to engulf Mets

Financial calamity goes beyond Madoff; jeopardizes Wilpons' hold on Mets.

Mets 'steak' their claim to new bullpen

No longer a filet mignon-kind of franchise, the Mets still got work done in Dallas.

Reyes-Mets marriage reaches bitter end

Jose Reyes sounded hurt that the Mets never made him a contract offer.

Many at fault for Jose Reyes' departure

Who's to blame for Jose Reyes' Mets exodus? The answer may surprise you.

Mets' deals won't be bigger in Texas

With funds apparently in short supply, the Mets will be bargain hunting in Dallas.

Ex-Mets: Bobby Valentine a fit for Sox

Bobby Valentine earns the endorsement of ex-Mets officials -- including an old nemesis.

Meet the middle-market Mets?

Letting Reyes walk because of payroll woes would be step in wrong direction.

Citi Field tweaks help Bay, Wright

The new Citi Field dimensions will help make the ballpark more neutral.

Would you believe Joe Nathan?

Jose Valverde? You never know -- Mets are weighing many bullpen options.

Is keeping David the Wright move?

The Mets' decision isn't just about Reyes. It's also about Wright.

Mets' payroll will hinder team's success

The cash-poor Mets plan to slash their payroll in 2012. Can they still compete?

If Reyes bolts, Mets set to turn to Tejada

If Jose Reyes leaves, the Mets are set to make Ruben Tejada his replacement.

Twelve steps to a Mets makeover

There is no shortage of work to be done before the Mets hit the field next spring.

Mets: More lows than highs in 2011

More downs than ups for Mets in '11. Take 'em or trash 'em -- you decide.

Mets' rebuilding to continue in 2012

Reyes, Picard decisions will determine how much money Mets can spend. Pujols? Fuhgeddaboudit.

Sox collapse has familiar ring to Mets

David Wright watches Red Sox stumble and remembers what the Mets felt in '07.

Reyes prepared for week of uncertainty

With the Mets all but done, the focus shifts to whether Jose Reyes will stay.

Mets' Wright remains loyal to the end

Even with change looming, David Wright won't complain about Citi's dimensions.

Mets ready to go closer shopping

Unlikely to accept a stopgap closer, the Mets are ready to hit the market.

Mets shoulda said 'hat chance!' to MLB

The Mets should've told MLB what it could do with its first-responder hats ban.

Does Einhorn exit mean Reyes is gone?

Mets fans want to know: With David Einhorn gone, will Jose Reyes exit?

Braves: Post-9/11 loss to Mets 'healing'

Chipper Jones reflects on the one time he was happy to leave Shea a loser.

Collins second guesses pulling Dickey

After being swept by the Brewers, the Amazin's are left without answers.

K-Rod, Izzy trade 'blows' at Citi Field

K-Rod and Izzy shared center stage in a wild one between the Mets and Brewers.

How will injuries affect Reyes' value?

Jose Reyes is out again. So how will it affect his value on the open market?

Deadline plays out as projected for Mets

Trade deadline plays out as projected for Alderson and the Mets.

With Beltran out, Mets in no rush to deal

As trade deadline approaches, expect the Mets to stand pat.

Mets break bread with Beltran, bid adieu

Mets players sensed Carlos Beltran was saying goodbye at dinner on Tuesday.

Book on Beltran, "New Mets" closing

By trading Carlos Beltran, the Mets will signal the end of an era.

Wright claws his way back to Mets

David Wright clawed his way back into the Mets' lineup after a long absence.

Isringhausen ready to step up as closer

At 38, Jason Isringhausen proves he's still ready to close out games.

The no-name Mets beat up the Phillies

Without their top four hitters, the Mets still found a way to beat the Phillies.

Revolving door in store for Mets?

The Mets have a hole in the bullpen, but at least their lineup will be whole soon.

All-Star selection special for Beltran

After knee surgery last season, Carlos Beltran's All-Star selection was special.

Mets' slide adds pressure to sell now

Trade pressure mounts as the Mets limp into the All-Star break.

Deal? No way, Jose; you stay, Mets say

Will Jose Reyes' injury help the Mets re-sign him? It sure won't hurt 'em.

Break up the Mets? Not just yet

Faced with the "dilemma" of winning, Mets shouldn't be in rush to dismantle club.

Bay fought the wall in L.A. ... and won

Jason Bay was in good spirits after his latest bout with the Dodger Stadium wall.

Collins won't rein in Reyes on basepaths

Terry Collins has no intention of reining in Jose Reyes on the basepaths.

Mets explode in grand fashion in Detroit

The Mets' grand slams Tuesday brought a record-breaking drought to a close.

Mets don't question Jon Niese's heart

Why are the Mets waiting until Tuesday to get Niese's rapid heartbeat checked out?

Duda gets triple-double dose of mettle

Lucas Duda got a triple-double dose of confidence in a big Mets victory.

For Reyes, Mets' caution will cost 'em

There may very well be Carl Crawford money out there for Jose Reyes.

Mets playing well ... maybe too well

If the Mets keep playing well, it may hurt the team in the long run.

Collins continues to push right buttons

Terry Collins deserves Manager of the Year consideration for the job he's doing.

Red-hot Reyes putting pressure on Mets

You wonder how the Mets could consider letting spark plug Jose Reyes walk.

Bay hopes to rediscover his swing

Jason Bay looks to improve his swing as recent slump continues.

Reyes' latest triple comes at perfect time

Jose Reyes' latest triple came at the right time for the Mets.

Gee maximizing opportunity with Mets

Unheralded rookie Dillon Gee is continuing his dominance for the Mets.

Collins frustrated by Mets performance

Terry Collins erupted postgame following the Mets' loss to the Pirates.

Einhorn can't promise brighter days

David Einhorn won't rule out franchise failure -- and he might be banking on it.

David Wright deserves better from Mets

David Wright deserves better than the treatment he's received recently.

Wilpon rips Mets, sinks to new low

Fred Wilpon's Mets are snakebitten? No way. You make your own luck.

Turner gets revenge against Yankees

Justin Turner continues to collect hits, and got revenge against the Yankees.

Mets look forward to the Subway Series

The Subway Series will be new for several Mets, including Terry Collins.

Mets manage to weather this storm

Jon Niese led way to rainy victory, but forecast could still be gloomy for Mets.

Turner makes most of big league chance

After failing to make the roster in spring, Justin Turner shows a big league future.

Martinez's bat gets back in the spotlight

Fernando Martinez reminds fans of what could have been -- and may still be.

Carlos taking healthy cuts for Mets

Carlos Beltran's three HRs came in the nick of time for the depleted Mets.

Mets won't rush Harvey or Familia

The Mets won't rush promising pitching prospects Matt Harvey or Jeurys Familia.

Mets lack lifelines for banged-up rotation

The Mets' safety net is in tatters, perhaps even more so than the actual rotation.

Chris Young scratched; MRI Sunday

Chris Young couldn't pitch on Saturday, and now his Mets future is in doubt.

Mets search for root of Thole slump

Catching R.A. Dickey's knuckleballs may have crossed up Josh Thole.

Phillies crowd erupts in 'U-S-A' cheers

Philly fans chanted "U-S-A!" as the news of Osama bin Laden's death spread.

Collins takes blame as Mets fall in Philly

After Philly routed the Mets, Terry Collins pointed his finger at himself.

Reyes, Mets earn inspired win in D.C.

The New York Mets earned an inspired win over the Nationals.

Mets' outlook hinges on Phillies series

The Mets' winning streak will mean nothing if they can't win in Philly.

Beato earning confidence of Collins

Pedro Beato is earning the confidence of manager Terry Collins and teammates.

Is Wright's time in N.Y. winding down?

Should the Mets part ways with David Wright while he's still in his prime?

Mets' desperation moves pay off

Terry Collins managed Sunday like it was a Game 7, and guess what? It worked.

Mets double their displeasure

Swept in two twin bills, the Mets hit a new low. Is rock bottom anywhere in sight?

TC to Mets: Don't let 'em see you sweat

Terry Collins' postgame message to the Mets was this: Choose fight over flight.

Fundamental errors

Terry Collins preaches fundamentals? It didn't look that way on Monday.

R.A. cracks nail, is hammered by Nats

Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey cracked a nail. After that, the Nats hammered him.

Dickey: Start in home opener a privilege

R.A. Dickey will get start for the Mets in their home opener on Friday.

Mets playing with house money

Mets are playing with house money. Quite a feat considering their financial state.

Terry Collins' Mets hit the road running

The Mets admitted the importance of taking two of three at Sun Life Stadium.

Collins' decisions give Mets first win

Terry Collins' key decisions helped the Mets earn their first win of the season.

To keep Jose Reyes, or not to keep him?

To keep Jose Reyes, or not to keep him? That is the question for the Mets.

Projecting the Mets' lineup

The Mets have speed atop order, but their decline will be rapid if sluggers aren't healthy.

Projecting the Mets' bullpen

With Feliciano and Takahashi gone, Amazins need others to take up bullpen slack.

Projecting the Mets' starting rotation

In a pitching-rich East, the Mets have an uphill battle sans Johan Santana.

Mets' Brad Emaus on track for second

Call him scrappy, stocky, whatever -- Brad Emaus looks like the Mets' 2B.

Mets move on to post-Perez/Castillo era

What do the Mets do with all that pent-up anger and nowhere left to direct it?

Steroid test has truly positive result

A positive steroids test alerted Mets' Emmanuel Garcia to a cancerous tumor.

Mets' patience with Perez running out

Even Ollie Perez's most ardent supporter is dissatisfied with the Mets lefty.

Mets cast off Castillo with fans in mind

The Mets gave their fans what they wanted with the release of Luis Castillo.

'Premature' to call Mets' 2nd base race

And the winner of the New York Mets' second-base job is ... to be determined.

Duda making good impression in camp

Mets prospect Lucas Duda has emerged as a legit successor to Carlos Beltran.

Sandy sighs as Beltran takes a knee

The Mets portrayed Carlos Beltran's knee as fine. Too good to be true.

Terry Collins mapping out Beltran plan

Terry Collins is mapping out a plan to strategically rest Carlos Beltran early on.

Sandy stands by Ollie-Castillo decision

Sandy Alderson stands by decision to bring Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo to PSL.

Terry comes out on top

Without ruffling any feathers, Terry Collins got his way with Carlos Beltran.

Oliver Perez roughed up in spring debut

Oliver Perez isn't long for the Mets. At least not if outings like Sunday's persist.

Harvey eager to make up for lost time

Mets prospect Matt Harvey is eager to get to make up for time lost last summer.

Mets trying to find right fit for Mejia

Will Jenrry Mejia be a starter or a reliever for the Mets in 2011?

Mike Pelfrey embraces ace's place

Mike Pelfrey is ready to assume the Mets' ace tag in Johan Santana's absence.

Demonizing Luis Castillo unwarranted

Luis Castillo may not be a Met for long, but the demonizing is unwarranted.

Wright has to adjust without HoJo

David Wright has to adjust to his mentor Howard Johnson no longer being around.

Collins has energy, ability to lead Mets

Terry Collins is looking to rebuild the Mets' confidence and swagger.

Oliver Perez ready to work this spring

A long shot to make team, Ollie Perez out to show he shouldn't be written off.

Welcome to Port St. Lucie, Terry Collins

Terry Collins' first spring training as Mets skipper has no shortage of minefields.

Emaus finding opportunity with Mets

Brad Emaus has an opportunity to be the Opening Day starter at second base.

Mets must replace Feliciano, Takahashi

Who will bridge the gap from the Mets' starting rotation to K-Rod in 2011?

Questions surround Mets' rotation in '11

Johan Santana is out until summer. Will the Mets' rotation be able to cope?

Murphy sets sights on second chance

Daniel Murphy, facing another position change, wants to start at second for Mets.

Mets juggling four candidates for 2B

Who has the best shot to replace Luis Castillo -- hey, wait, he's still here!

Mets are open for business in Florida

The Mets and new manager Terry Collins got off to an early start this spring.

Can Carlos Beltran still play CF?

Mets plan for Beltran: Show us that you can do the job in center field.

Mets' top five stories of 2010

The departure of Omar Minaya heads our list of the Mets' top five stories of 2010.

Mets: It'll be tough to beat 4 aces

Citi Field's holiday party included an uninvited guest: Cliff Lee, as the Grinch.

Meetings kick off Mets' long, cold winter

Boof Bonser? Welcome to the big-market Mets. On austerity.

Alderson eager to tweak Mets' roster

Sandy Alderson plans to begin reshaping the Mets' roster next week in Orlando.

The Mets' blueprint for 2011

The Mets' brainy new front office is in place. Great. What now?

Mets newbies happy with Terry Collins

Josh Thole says the choice of Terry Collins will be a winner for the Mets.

Memory of Adenhart lives with O'Day

Darren O'Day has found inspiration in the loss of teammate Nick Adenhart.

Francoeur gets his chance with Rangers

Jeff Francoeur is getting his postseason chance with Rangers.

Different year, same story for Twins

Twins left with familiar feeling after once again being eliminated by the Yankees.

Duensing gets second chance at Yanks

Joba Chamberlain has warm regards but not best wishes for Brian Duensing.

Mets have options -- many of them bad

The Mets are facing a winter loaded with perilous questions, starting with Reyes.

Hey, fans, it could have been worse

The Mets failed to produce on offense. The result? Another lost season.

A closer look at the Omar Minaya era

Omar Minaya has been the New York Mets' GM for six years. Is his time up?

A worst-case scenario for the Mets

Santana's surgery threatens to make the Mets irrelevant even before 2011 begins.

Carlos Beltran, two other Mets skip visit

A team-sponsored visit to a veterans' hospital ended in a Mets controversy.

Baby Mets show their age in loss

There was some redeeming value to it, but the Mets' loss Saturday wasn't pretty.

Duda debuts on meaningless Mets night

Lucas Duda debuted on a meaningless September night for the Mets.

Mets end August on a painful note

The Mets won't play any meaningful games in September once again.

Jerry Manuel wants Jenrry Mejia

After Pat Misch was beaten up by the Braves, is it Jenrry Mejia time?

Same song, dance for Johan Santana

It was the same old song for Johan Santana. The Mets forgot their bats again.

Mike Pelfrey strong on extra rest

Mike Pelfrey didn't want the extra rest, but it worked out just fine in the end.

Shadows draw near for Minaya, Manuel

Omar Minaya's payroll mismanagement could pave the way for new Mets regime.

Can the Mets make 2011 interesting?

Wait 'til next year? Bad contracts and the Wilpons' finances are major Mets hurdles.

Step right up and greet the Mess

Meet the Mess, Part 1: How another Mets season turned to sawdust.

Santana's hard-luck season continues

Johan Santana hurls another gem, picks up another loss. Anyone see a pattern?

Wet Mets avoid unenviable road feat

Rainy win means Mets won't go entire season without winning NL series on road.

Mets make somebody else look bad

'Pathetic' Mets offense is prolific when matched against perennially poor Pirates.

'Pathetic' Mets deluding themselves

The 'pathetic' Mets are saying they're still in the postseason hunt? C'mon.

Mets scratch, claw way to marathon win

Production from unlikely sources helped the Mets to a marathon win in Houston.

Mets can't close deal vs. Astros

Mets failed in their attempt to give a happy ending to another tumultuous day.

Hamels spoils Dickey's shot at history

R.A. Dickey could've had a no-no. But Cole Hamels -- a pitcher! -- broke it up.

Johan Santana shuts out the noise

On a day when he pretty much had to, Johan Santana went the distance.

David Wright, Carlos Beltran fall flat

David Wright and Carlos Beltran do little on the Mets' crucial six-game road trip.

Mets call up kids, lean on veterans

Three veterans deliver a victory in Philly, hours after the Mets shook up the roster.

Imploding Mets are hurtin' for certain

Mets slip below .500 for first time since late May after 'pen blows lead in Philly.

Season slips away with greatest of E's

Combine Mets' miscues with poor Pelfrey outing, and the playoffs look far-fetched.

Frenchy connection comes at right time

Slumping Jeff Francoeur finally got ahold of one, lifting the Mets to a big victory.

The Mets fall to .500, and fourth place

The Mets lost to the Braves Monday, and fell to .500 for first time in two months.

Mets' idle deadline: Years in the making

With big salaries and a thin farm system, the Mets didn't have many trade options.

Mets waste chance to get back in race

If the Mets can't beat the Diamondbacks, how can they expect to contend?

Aces off market, yet Mets don't fold

R.A. Dickey dominates Cardinals on the afternoon Oswalt goes to rival Phillies.

Ollie awful, Mets' offense even worse

Oliver Perez played hero-turned-goat but the blame really belonged to the bats.

Unlikely heroes, events lift Mets in L.A.

Unlikely heroes and strange plays lifted the Mets out of their funk in L.A.

Rocky road trip leads to tough questions

HoJo understands the curiosity over the Mets coaching staff's security.

Manuel plans lineup shakeup in L.A.

Jerry Manuel's next tactic: shaking up a lineup that just finally became whole.

Mets activate Ollie, deactivate season

Oliver Perez's return proves the Mets are not serious postseason contenders.

Manuel optimistic despite Pelfrey stinker

Jerry Manuel is optimistic Mike Pelfrey will rediscover his mojo.

Mets get lucky, avoid sweep in SF

Blown saves, blown calls -- the Mets were lucky to avoid a sweep in San Francisco.

Giants making quick work of Mets

The Mets finally scored a few runs, just in time for the starting pitching to falter.

No Reyes, no offense for Mets

Sore shortstop is sorely missed as Mets are shut out on consecutive nights

Silver lining in Golden State stinker

The Mets can't muster a run in road loss, but at least Carlos Beltran is back.

Mets' midseason report card

There is reason for optimism in the Mets' midterm grades.

Wright good yet again on All-Star stage

David Wright had another strong All-Star Game, with two hits and a steal.

Wright will enjoy this All-Star Game

David Wright is looking forward to playing in his fifth straight All-Star Game.

Achy, Breaky Part For Reyes, Pelfrey

Reyes is injured and Pelfrey is ineffective as Mets stumble toward All-Star break.

Mets undeterred by Lee, Braves loss

The Mets' shot at a midseason milestone was ended by the Braves on Friday.

Niese game, but suffers lame result

Jon Niese was game, but the rest of the Mets came up lame versus the Reds.

K-Rod is back, day after the sorrow

Called upon less than 24 hours after blown save, K-Rod locks down a victory.

K-Rod 'embarrassed' over D.C. disaster

K-Rod: "The freaking worst performance I've ever had in my entire life."

Mets get set for Strasburg with win

The Mets will enter their battle with Stephen Strasburg on a high note.

Punchless Mets spoil Santana's gem

The Mets trudged into D.C. from San Juan -- and looked sleepy in a 2-1 loss.

The Mets salvage one win in San Juan

The Mets found a way to win one game in Puerto Rico, even without Jose Reyes.

Mets' rotation appears in need of rescue

Dickey and Takahashi failed in Puerto Rico. Welcome back, Oliver Perez?

Perfect no more: Dickey's run ends

R.A. Dickey is no longer perfect. The Marlins made sure of that in San Juan.

Prince Harry outpitches Santana in loss

So much for Santana. Saturday's lone highlight came when Harry met Frenchy.

Ballot check: Wright worthy of Anaheim

The ballots are in ... almost. David Wright is having an All-Star season.

Santana slammed by Yanks on Sunday

Johan Santana made one mistake Sunday, but that's all the Yanks needed.

Subway Series not destination for Mets

Bronx visit is just the beginning as Mets face tests from Yankees, Tigers, Twins.

Out with old Mets, in with outbursts

With another five-run inning, Mets are all the rage on road as they chase first.

Finally for Johan, it's won for the road

On night when ace has rocky start, Mets finally give Santana some run support.

Bay hopes to build on his big day

Jason Bay made an adjustment to his swing on Sunday, and got four hits.

Wright, Pelfrey lead the Mets to victory

The Mets swept the O's in Baltimore, and are suddenly seven games over .500.

Amazin's go back-to-back in Baltimore

The Mets clinched their first road-series victory this season Saturday night.

Catchers beware: Dickey's a tricky one

Attention hitters and catchers: Mets knuckler R.A. Dickey is a tricky one.

Ike's big blast propels Mets past Padres

Ike Davis did something he's never done before -- he hit a walk-off homer.

Santana sharp, but nada to show for it

Johan Santana didn't allow a run in 15 innings -- and got two no-decisions.

Pelfrey pulled to keep K-Rod sharp

Mike Pelfrey could've gone the distance in San Diego, but K-Rod needed the work.

In hopeless spot, Manuel opts for Ollie

The Mets staff put its scoreless streak in the rearview mirror vs. the Padres.

Manuel, Mets putting faith in Dickey

R.A. Dickey just wanted someone to believe in him. Jerry Manuel is the one.

More Hartburn for not-so-perfect Mets

Call Saturday night's Mets-Brewers meeting the imperfect game.

Jerry pulls Santana; streaks don't stand

Mets squander another outing by ace, who exits after eight despite breezing.

Mets' Plan B pitching staff A-OK again

Hisanori Takahashi pitched a gem and the Mets continued their winning ways.

Mets juggle contending and contention

After big win over Phils, Mets are back to .500, four games out of first place.

Knuckleball saved Dickey's career

R.A. Dickey learned the knuckler to save his career. He might save Mets' season.

Maine, Mets at odds over early hook

The Mets pulled John Maine after his first batter -- and he wasn't pleased.

Mets aim to get Subway back on track

The New York Mets are looking for their first win over the New York Yankees at Citi Field.

Pagan turns rare trick, earns more looks

Angel Pagan performed a trick we hadn't seen in 55 years -- and the Mets still lost.

Strikeouts, error haunt Wright in Atlanta

David Wright's plight is well documented. He added another chapter Tuesday.

Mets end day of turmoil with a victory

The Mets broke their losing streak in Atlanta with their COO and GM in town.

Niese injury messes with Mets' rotation

The Mets got swept by the Marlins, and their starting rotation is now a mess.

Maine woes: Location, location, location

Maine couldn't find strike zone with map, but don't expect Perez-like demotion.

Ollie alert: Lefty to meet with skipper

Ollie alert: Mets lefty appears to have pushed manager's patience to the limit.

Mets' big bats fail to get it done, again

The Mets' top hitters continue to struggle, and lineup changes are looming.

Wright snaps strikeout slump; Mets lose

David Wright's struggles are indicative of Mets' recent woes.

Manuel weighing his options for Perez

Oliver Perez's future is up in the air after a historically bad outing vs. the Giants.

Wright says he's all right

After a dangerous beaning last year, David Wright is finally right at the plate.

Mets' Bay on bench with game on line

How bad is it for Jason Bay? The Mets slugger was pulled with a game on line.

Workhorse falters, but Mets win by nose

Mets earn sweet victory on night when Fernando-mania finally hits a sour note.

Mets lose third straight, in extras

The Mets have quickly gone from rolling to reeling, losing three straight games.

Santana's stumble dooms Mets in Philly

Two costly innings doomed the Mets in Philly, but optimism still abounds.

All right, then all wrong for Pelfrey, Mets

After everything broke right for the Mets for two weeks, things changed Saturday.

Amazin's no longer just amusin'

Amazin's no longer amusin' as hot Mets run streak to eight with win in Philly.

Pelfrey-Halladay no consolation prize

Disappointed at being denied the matchup between Santana and Halladay? Don't be.

Despite labors, Pelfrey keeps rolling

Forget Mike Pelfrey emerging as a No. 2 starter. He's starting to look like an ace.

For Mets, everything going ... right?

After stumbling out of the gate, Mets are charging toward May with momentum.

Mets win, but concern about Maine

John Maine has to leave early because of non-throwing arm; what's next?

K-Rod earns first five-out save since '05

It took until Game No. 16, but K-Rod finally earned his first save of 2010.