Shaun Powell

Shaun Powell is a former sports general columnist and NBA beat columnist for Newsday. He will contribute to with commentary related to NY area sports.

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Melo, Amare make it work vs. Hawks

Melo and Amare soared in Atlanta. But can they give the same show in May?

Woodson capable of leading Knicks

Mike Woodson is maximizing his opportunity. But will it be enough?

Gonzalez still searching for his break

Tony Gonzalez is still searching for that elusive playoff win.

Do you really want to insult Falcons?

Memo to Justin Tuck: Now here's how you can really insult the Falcons.

Bryant Gumbel should've known better

Bryant Gumbel unfairly labeled Stern, which has often been done to Gumbel.

Remembering the best day I ever had

I lost my brother on 9/11, but Sept. 10 stands out because I can't remember it.

Basketball in New York relevant again

Basketball in New York City is once again giving hope to local fans.

Wilpons worst? Not by a long slap shot

We list the 10 worst N.Y. sports owners -- and the Wilpons are better than some.

Sanchez steadying influence on Jets

Mark Sanchez ignores Jets' turbulence, leads team to two AFC East wins.

Roger Clemens made the wrong pitch

Roger Clemens, to his shame, defiantly stuck with his trademark arrogance.

Isiah Thomas? They've gotta be kidding

The Knicks couldn't find a better consultant? Didn't Isiah make this mess?

Meet the J-Hey Kid

Mets get a first look at Jason Heyward, who's more than just another rookie.

Ewing: Leaving Knicks was a mistake

The Knicks are still feeling the pain of letting Patrick Ewing go.

Hope springs infernal in N.Y. sports

Spring used to be a time of hope and joy in New York sports. Now, it's about decay.