Yankees scratch Mark Teixeira

NEW YORK -- The Yankees scratched Mark Teixeira from Monday night's game against the Detroit Tigers due to "light-headedness."

"I was getting ready for the game and all of a sudden I got really dizzy, really nauseous and the room started spinning," Teixeira said after the Yankees' 2-1 win over the Tigers. "I went into the trainer's room and said, 'Something is not right.' "

Teixeira had two IVs and said he felt better about four hours after the dizziness began. Yankees manager Joe Girardi thought Teixeira may be able to play on Tuesday.

Teixeira, 34, has been injury prone, dating back to last year in which he appeared in just 15 games because of a wrist injury that eventually needed surgery. This season, he has played in 82 of the Yankees' 110 previous games.

He has been on the DL with a hamstring injury, while also missing time due to wrist and back soreness. He still leads the team in home runs with 19, which are four better than Brett Gardner.

With Teixeira out, Chase Headley moved to first base, a position he has only played two innings in his major league career. Martin Prado switched from right to third and Ichiro Suzuki started in right.

Recently, Teixeira, who used to play 155-plus games annually, admitted he is slowing down.

"That's just the way it is when you're young," Teixeira said. "I can't play through those things [now]. I don't think I would have had to miss games with back spasms. I don't think I would have missed games with the little tweak of my hamstring earlier in the season. Now I just can't get through those anymore. Father Time is undefeated."