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April 26-28

McShay: Top five NFL draft needs for all 32 teams

Which holes will each team be trying to fill during the 2018 NFL draft? Todd McShay takes a close look at where all 32 franchises still need to improve.

Kiper's favorite draft prospects at every position

Mel Kiper picks the prospects he likes most and adds round projections for each.

Draft guides for all 32 NFL teams

What does your favorite team really need? What's an overlooked need it should fill?

Browns ideal draft


Kiper builds Browns' perfect 2018 draft: Mocking all 9 picks

Let's go, Cleveland. Time to go from 0-16 to ... a few wins. Mel Kiper goes through every Browns pick to create an A-plus draft.

Pairing up: Browns' possible combinations with first, fourth picks

The Browns' two first-round picks should be key pieces of the team for years to come. Which players are they most likely to select?

Franchise QB or bust? Making sense of Josh Allen, draft enigma

Rocket arm. Freakish talent. The Wyoming quarterback could be a superstar. But Allen has flaws that stand out from the usual top draft pick.


2018 NFL schedule: Record predictions, analysis for all 32 teams

The full schedule is out, and Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady will meet in Week 9, just the second time they've faced off. We've got predictions for every game.

NFL schedule winners and losers: Why Steelers should be happy

The Steelers could have the AFC North wrapped up by midseason. Plus: How Ed Sheeran influenced eight different games and more.

More from 2018 schedule release

Woodson predicts Eagles' record.


Pats get Texans Week 1.


Woodson predicts hot start for Steelers.


Puppies, babies and crawfish? The best NFL team schedule reveals

The NFL unveiled the 2018 regular-season slate of games on Thursday, and teams were ready to show off their creativity when revealing schedules.

Lamar Jackson's draft journey

Lamar Jackson could change the NFL - if he gets the chance

The Heisman winner's future in the league won't just depend on whether he's ready, it'll depend on whether the NFL is.

Ranking best NFL fits for Lamar Jackson

The 2016 Heisman winner has rare athleticism. Which team could get the most out of the QB's skill set?

New episode: Follow six NFL hopefuls as they prepare for the upcoming draft.



How Saquon Barkley grades vs. elite running backs

Saquon Barkley is the best running back prospect since ...? Here's where Todd McShay grades him vs. Adrian Peterson, Ezekiel Elliott and other first-round RBs since 2007.

Projections for the draft's top RBs

We know Saquon Barkley is a great prospect. Just how great? Using Football Outsiders' BackCAST, we project the top of the new class of backs.

The legend of Saquon Barkley was born long before Penn State

The NFL draft's top RB was a superstar long before Penn State in a tiny town still big enough to turn out a crowd almost double its size to honor him.

Latest On Brady, Gronk


Why the Patriots need to solidify a post-Brady plan at QB

The Patriots have the chips to make a move up for a quarterback in the draft, and that strategy is making more sense by the day.

Schefter: Gronk has 'zero' impact on Brady's future.

Adam Schefter says Tom Brady's not committing to play in 2018 has nothing to do with Rob Gronkowski.


Best of NFL Nation

Why Steelers shouldn't draft Ben Roethlisberger's successor

With Ben Roethlisberger playing at a high level and a number of more pressing needs, the Steelers can probably go without picking a QB next week.

To trade or not to trade: Broncos will face draft decision

With the Broncos committed to Case Keenum, they aren't likely looking at a QB at No. 5. That means John Elway's phone will be ringing next Thursday.

If Bills stay put at No. 12, who do they draft?

A look at the quarterbacks and non-quarterbacks, the likely and unlikely players to be available when the Bills make the first of two 1st-round picks.


10 late-round draft sleepers who could be steals

Every year, Day 3 picks make an impact as NFL rookies. Which prospects are the best candidates in 2018?

The best undrafted players in every team's history

Antonio Gates. Kurt Warner. James Harrison. NFL Nation reporters identify the players who went from under-the-radar prospects to franchise leaders.

Draft trade talk

Three draft prospects to target for all 32 NFL teams

Which are the best team fits for Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield? We're running through the Day 1, 2 and 3 prospects who make sense for every team.

Barnwell’s All-Trades Mock Draft: Wild deals for 32 NFL teams

Picture Odell Beckham Jr. or Le'Veon Bell in a Patriots uniform. Yeah, Bill Barnwell's getting weird with trades at every first-round slot.

NFL draft

Perfect 100 picks: McShay plays GM in three-round 2018 NFL mock draft

Todd McShay is going three rounds -- 100 total picks -- to give each NFL team its ideal first two days.

Darnold relishes surpassing expectations.

Sam Darnold shined under center at USC and now embraces the opportunity to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL.


NFL draft tier rankings: McShay's top 108 prospects in 2018

Todd McShay has 108 prospects with first-, second- or third-round grades in the 2018 class. Saquon Barkley is at the top. Who joins him?

Kiper's picks

Kiper's three-round 2018 NFL mock draft: Playing GM for all 32 teams

That's 100 picks from the mind of Mel, with every team getting an 'A.' Enjoy, Browns fans.

Projections for the 2018 draft's top RBs

We know Saquon Barkley is a great prospect. Just how great? Using Football Outsiders' BackCAST, we project the top of the new class of backs.

Chubb, Hines among RBs who offer value outside of 1st round.

Mel Kiper Jr. says running backs Nick Chubb, Nyheim Hines and Mark Walton could all be valuable picks after the first round of the NFL draft.


Fantasy NFL

Field's top 5 fantasy QBs for 2018.

Field Yates debuts his "way-too-early" list of fantasy quarterbacks from Aaron Rodgers to Deshaun Watson.


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