Philly tops list of best places to play

With free agency set to begin Friday, here are my top five places to play.

1. Philadelphia: I will admit my bias here, but I consider myself lucky to have played in such a great town. There are heavy expectations placed on the players in this city by some of the most knowledgeable fans in the league. It's a great place to play.

2. Green Bay: The Packers' home is where knowledge and tradition meet. It's so much fun walking into this stadium and feeling the tradition wash over you. There aren't many other cities where the fans are as involved.

3. Pittsburgh: Talk about a rabid fan base. There are Steelers fans everywhere and that, in addition to the great ownership, makes this a great place to play.

4. New York: It doesn't matter which New York team you're playing for because the opportunities to have a post-football career are increased exponentially by the presence of the New York media. Is the scrutiny at its highest … yes, but if you can handle it well, you could be set for life.

5. Kansas City: This one might come as a surprise, but everyone I know who has played in K.C. has absolutely loved it. The fans are fantastic, the food is great and the stadium is always filled.