Time is right for move to Cutler

After 11 games, the Broncos finally appear ready to make the switch from Jake Plummer to Jay Cutler. Here are five reasons why it's the right time to make this move:

1. Confidence boost: One of the big reasons that Broncos coach Mike Shanahan balked at making the change earlier in the season was because the team had not lost faith in Plummer. With so many people outside the organization pointing the finger at Plummer now, it is easy for the players to buy into that theory as well. The bottom line is players are losing faith in Plummer, and you can't have that when it comes to the starting QB.

2. Spark the offense: Plummer's numbers weren't terrible. However, the offense looked flat and lifeless, and Cutler should be able to give them a spark.

3. Open up the playbook: While one train of thought might be that Denver will be more limited offensively with Cutler, I see it a little differently. The bootlegs and waggles Denver likes to use with Plummer are far too predictable. In talking with people in their organization, Shanahan feels like Cutler gives Denver a chance to use more of the offense because of his ability to throw on the move and from the pocket.

4. Cutler will open up the run game: He will give Denver's offense more of a vertical threat. With Plummer, the offensive became very conservative. Cutler's ability to stretch the field with the deep ball will eventually lead to Denver running the ball better because teams won't be able to put eight defenders in the box.

5. Defense will benefit, too: Coming into Week 12, Denver was tied for 23rd in first downs per game. Shanahan prides himself on having an efficient West Coast offense. When you play ball-control football, you must be able to move the chains. By moving the chains and becoming more efficient, the defense will get more time to rest.

Jeremy Green is director of pro scouting for Scouts Inc. He has been an NFL scout for 11 years, including two as director of pro personnel for the Cleveland Browns.