Romo can deal with Giants' front seven

"Monday Night Football" analyst Ron Jaworski takes a look at some key Week 2 matchups:

New England at New York Jets: The Jets had the best defensive performance in Week 1. They blitzed 25 times in Houston, so the Patriots should expect to see a heavy pass rush. Rex Ryan will blitz against a short edge, wearing down the QB over time. Nevertheless, Tom Brady will continue to spread it out and attack with quick drops. But he will also take some hits.

New York Giants at Dallas: Tony Romo's game has evolved over the course of his career. He used to try to extend plays with his feet always moving. However, when Tampa came after him, he handled it calmly, remaining mobile but within the pocket. He seems prepared to deal with the Giants' front seven, who will also come after him.

New Orleans at Philadelphia: Coaches in the league tell me they like the offensive stat of rushes plus completions. Positive plays. Playoff teams average more than 50 per game. The Eagles' defense played well last week, but Drew Brees is the best QB in the league at getting the ball out against the blitz. He moves in the pocket, slides and resets, usually resulting in a positive play.

Monday Night Football: Indianapolis at Miami: The Dolphins have no real set offense. They will go to gimmicks and gadgets quickly. I expect them to keep it up on Monday with the Wildcat and the spread option. Watch Dwight Freeney against Jake Long. Peyton Manning continues to amaze with his ability to recall what he sees during the course of the game and apply it later. No one reads coverages better. But the Colts need to get their running game going, as Reggie Wayne is their only established wide receiver.