Favre still finding his way

"Monday Night Football" analyst Ron Jaworski takes a look at the Brett Favre factor in Minnesota:

After three games, Favre is still a work in progress in the Minnesota offense. He has a better feel for this offense than he did after three games with the Jets last year, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

In the first three games, Favre was a combined 10-for-24 on passes longer than 10 yards. As he becomes more comfortable with the receivers, Favre will get more aggressive. For now, the quarterback has accepted the role of a caretaker, except when the situation calls for him to make a big play.

I think this gradual approach is smart because the offensive line is struggling. It's been just three games, but he's taken a lot of hits, and several have been vicious. It's a long season, and some of the play selection involves self-preservation on Favre's part. He's getting rid of the ball so he won't get hit. Later in the season, when those throws have to be made, he'll have his usual courage to stand in the pocket and wait. It's just smart to get rid of it quickly. There's no need to take a bunch of hits now.

So far, defenses have been loading up the box to deal with Adrian Peterson. The wide receivers have been getting a lot of one-on-ones but have not exploited it yet. Favre has also made stars out of his tight ends, and I think Visanthe Shiancoe will end up being a go-to guy by season's end. Favre has left some plays on the field this year, and some were seam routes with Shiancoe that Favre has historically stroked right in there.

Right now, Minnesota can let Peterson run the ball and count on a solid defense. Favre doesn't need to make the big explosive plays. Eventually, though, he will have to.