Watch out for these games

Here are a few games, over the final seven weeks of the schedule, with upset potential:

  • Kansas City at Cincinnati (Nov. 16): The Bengals coaching staff can't be thrilled that wide receiver Chad Johnson has "guaranteed" a victory on Sunday, but there's little they can do about it now. What the Bengals can do this week, and must do if they are to knock off the undefeated Chiefs, is come up with a way to instantly improve their shoddy special teams play and defense against the run.

  • New York Jets at Indianapolis (Nov. 16): With quarterback Chad Pennington back in the lineup, the Jets are on a bit of an uptick lately, and have won two of their last four outings. The hamstring injury to wide receiver Marvin Harrison has to be worrisome to a Colts offense that relies on him so much.

  • Oakland at Kansas City (Nov. 23): Yeah, even we had to convince ourselves to include this on the list, given that the Raiders are playing so miserably. But it's still one of the best rivalries in the NFL and, in the Oct. 20 loss at Network Associates Coliseum, the Raiders took the Chiefs down to the final play of the Monday night matchup.

  • Carolina at Atlanta (Dec. 7): Until the Panthers' 23-3 victory in Charlotte earlier this year, the Falcons had owned the division series, winning seven straight. This could be the second game back for Mike Vick, although his timetable for return remains uncertain, and his presence certainly would be a factor against the Carolina pass rush.

  • St. Louis at Cleveland (Dec. 8): Despite their current 3-6 record, the Browns still have some talent, even if many of the high-profile players have underachieved. Tough to count on a team as inconsistent as Cleveland but, take note, this is the first Monday Night Football appearance for the Browns in their second incarnation.

  • Pittsburgh at Baltimore (Dec. 28): The Steelers opened this disappointing season with a victory over the Ravens and, given the level of disdain with which these teams regard each other, would love to conclude it the same way. Especially if the Ravens, who now face the possibility of playing the balance of the schedule minus starting quarterback Kyle Boller, have playoff implications riding on this outcome.

    Len Pasquarelli is a senior NFL writer for ESPN.com.