Bengals reserves involved in tiff

The Cincinnati Bengals warmed up for Sunday afternoon's rumble in "The Jungle," the much-hyped matchup with the undefeated Indianapolis Colts, with a Thursday intramural skirmish that apparently escalated from some initially innocuous lunchtime horseplay.

Defensive end Carl Powell and cornerback Reggie Myles, both backups for the resurgent Bengals, engaged in a locker-room fight and had to be separated by teammates. At one point in the brawl, Myles, a key special-teams performer, charged Powell and the battle carried over from the locker room into the equipment room.

One veteran Bengals player told ESPN.com by cell phone that the imbroglio set off what he termed "a lot of screaming and [ugliness] between different groups of players," which persisted for several minutes before the atmosphere was calmed.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said through the team's public relations department that he would have no comment on the incident, which occurred during an "open locker room" period, with the local media in attendance.

A four-year veteran, Myles left the Bengals' facility following the altercation and was not present for the afternoon practice session. It was not immediately known if Myles or Powell were disciplined.

Myles, 26, led Cincinnati in special-teams tackles in 2003 and was second last season. He has seven special teams tackles this year. The 31-year-old Powell, a seven-year veteran, has 12 tackles and one sack in seven appearances this season.

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