The List: Five players on the hot seat

Every year there are guys who have to turn it around for the good of their teams or their own careers. Here are five guys who need to have big seasons or their reputations and their teams could be ruined.

1. Daunte Culpepper: He has to prove he can still play quarterback and fully recover from this knee injury. He also has to show he still has the confidence that is necessary to be a player in this league.

2. Donovan McNabb: He's missed 25 percent of the offensive snaps over the past two seasons and that simply must end this season. This team needs him on the field to be successful and make long playoff runs.

3. Terrell Owens: It's time for Owens to prove he can get it done on the field without all the distractions and dropped passes.

4. Randy Moss: Simply put, is this the Minnesota Moss who was a first ballot Hall of Famer or is the apathetic Oakland Moss who has almost completely destroyed his career?

5. Cedric Benson: It's time for Benson to prove he's a guy who can carry the ball 20-25 times a game. Thomas Jones is gone, so the Bears need Benson out there getting the job done.