The List: Top 5 draft moments

The 2007 NFL draft certainly featured plenty of surprises. Joe Theismann takes a look at the five moments that defined the weekend.

Randy Moss trade to New England: This is the trade that puts the Patriots in the driver's seat for the Super Bowl. Last season, the Patriots were criticized for not giving Tom Brady enough weapons on the outside. Now he's got two of the best deep threats in the league.

49ers trading for Darrel Jackson: I don't truly understand why the Seahawks would trade Jackson to a division rival. It doesn't seem to make very much sense to be honest. Why give an up and coming division rival a consistent touchdown threat? This might come back to bite them.

Lions taking Calvin Johnson: What are the Lions thinking taking another receiver? This isn't a shot at Johnson, who is an excellent talent, but the Lions have so many other needs that I can't see how picking Johnson is going to be the key to their long-term success.

49ers taking Patrick Willis: This is my early pick for Rookie of the Year. He's a fantastic player with a great motor. He's one of the many great additions to a team that is going to seriously contend for the NFC West crown.

Brady Quinn dropping to No. 22: The Browns did a great job getting a guy who could be their left tackle for the next 15 years, then trading up to get Quinn after his precipitous drop. That said, it isn't a definite that he's the franchise quarterback. Charlie Frye is a competitive player and is going to fight to keep that starting position.