Bills assistant GM Modrak on list

Ron Wolf turns 65 on Tuesday but, at an age when most men are preparing themselves for retirement, the former Green Bay Packers general manager and longtime NFL talent scout might be ready to return to the league.

The Miami Dolphins on Monday afternoon sought and were granted permission by the Green Bay Packers to discuss with Wolf a job within the organization. Since he retired from the Packers in 2001, Wolf has served as a consultant to the club, and his contract expires this spring.

Green Bay officials told Dolphins team president Eddie Jones that, if Wolf opted to come to Miami, they would not demand compensation. It is assumed that the job the Dolphins have in mind for Wolf is a newly created general manager position, but they might also approach him about a post as senior consultant.

The Dolphins are expected to seek permission Tuesday to interview current Buffalo Bills assistant general manager Tom Modrak. It is all but a given that Bills general manager Tom Donahoe will grant permission.

After announcing that coach Dave Wannstedt had been awarded a two-year contract extension through 2006 but had relinquished his control over personnel decisions, Jones confirmed Monday that the Dolphins would immediately begin a search for a general manager.

It was a decision with which Wannstedt, who held control over personnel during all four previous seasons as head coach, was in concert. Other potential candidates include Tampa Bay personnel director Tim Ruskell and former New Orleans general manager Randy Mueller, now an ESPN.com analyst.

Wolf could not be reached for comment on Monday night. He has wavered several times in recent seasons over whether he might return to the NFL. Two years ago, he rejected a four-year, $13 million contract offer from the Atlanta Falcons.

Wolf, who is one of the most respected NFL administrators and talent evaluators of the last three decades, resides near Annapolis, Md., but also owns a home in Jupiter, Fla.