Cadillac showcasing his talent

Well, I'm here in Mobile. I got here on Saturday and went to work on Sunday, meeting with Coach Gruden and his staff. We started to talk about the game plan and how we will approach things day by day. Gruden and the rest of the Buccaneers have been great to play for already. They're just a great group of guys to be around.

It feels good to be here after having such a great year this year. We're the undefeated SEC champs so my decision to come back was very a good one. But a lot of people have been asking me why I chose to play in the game. I just wanted to come down and showcase my skills.

I didn't have a lot of question marks about my game, but I know some people are saying some negative things about me. I just wanted to come down here and clear some things up and show them that I'm the best back in the draft. I think I'm doing that.

Everything here at the Senior Bowl is going real well so far. The practices have been going REALLY well. I've had a good two days. I'm already looking forward to Wednesday. I'm down here with Carlos Rogers, Jason Campbell and Junior Rosegreen from our team. Also some LSU and Southern Miss players. It's just fun to be around all these guys.

I started interviewing with teams on Monday. I talked to Miami, Chicago and Tampa. I think all the meetings went very well. They asked me things about my life, how I grew up and all kinds of things.

One team asked me when was the last time I was mad at my girlfriend! I just told them I couldn't remember!

With all the interviews and functions, my days are pretty booked but things are starting to slow down. Most of the interviews are out of the way early in the week, so I can really focus on the field.

While I'm here I'm rooming with Oklahoma wide receiver Mark Clayton. He is a really quite guy, but he's nice to room with. Yes, I did tell him that Auburn should have faced USC for the national championship. I had to mention that!

I'm looking forward to continuing to show people what I'm about while I'm here in Mobile. Hopefully, they'll notice and give me a few carries in Saturday's game!

I'll give you another update later in the week.

Editor's note: Auburn running back Carnell Williams is keeping a diary for ESPN.com during Senior Bowl week.