Barnes enjoying chance to meet teams

With only a little over two weeks [left] before the NFL draft, the anticipation is mounting each day, and it doesn't help that I have so much free time to think about it. Life in Seattle these past few weeks has been rather quiet. It's been much of the same: daily workouts, finishing up school, a whole lot of trading card signing and a lot of rain.

I did actually begin the team visits process this last week. My first stop was on the West Coast, which was a quick trip for me, and the second was a nice long plane ride to the other side of the country. I thought both visits went really well. I met with coaching staffs and players, toured their facilities, watched some workouts, and got some nice meals out of the trips. As a college student, there isn't much better than a good meal. You know I couldn't turn that down.

As I toured the facilities and met with coaches and players that I have grown up watching on television, it all hit me that this is going to be my life in just a few weeks. I am going to be on someone's favorite team; I am going to have a locker next to guys I have rooted for; and these practice facilities and stadiums are going to be my "office." It's exciting just to think about. I have a feeling I will be like a kid running downstairs on Christmas morning as I drive up for that first practice full of excitement. But until then, I'm just a college kid sitting in his apartment watching reruns of "The Sopranos."

Remember those 3,000 trading cards I was telling you about? Yeah, I finished them. Finished them and sent them back. I went to the mailbox yesterday expecting to see my big check, and what did I find? None other than another familiar-looking box from Priority Sports. A box that I opened and found 700 more cards that I need to sign. I'm thinking that since it took me about a week to sign the first 3,000, I should be able to handle these by this weekend, I hope. But then again, signing these cards is probably a lot better for me than counting down the minutes until April 23.

OK, I gotta go. That's my agent on the phone. Apparently two more O-line coaches want to come in and work me out privately. It's back to work for me.