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McShay: Bush doing his best to rescue draft stockInsider
A DVD of Michael Bush working out shows that the former Louisville running back is healing nicely from his leg injury.

Pasquarelli: Olsen brings athleticism to TE position
Like many tight end prospects, Greg Olsen has a basketball background. That athleticism is one reason he's clearly the top TE prospect in this year's draft, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Pasquarelli: Peterson's been ready for the NFL for years
Adrian Peterson has been ready for the NFL, some say, since his senior year in high school. Yet for all his jaw-dropping skills, some wonder if he's worth such a high pick, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Friend: Anderson knows every day is Father's Day
Thanks to lessons learned from his deaf father, Arkansas' Jamaal Anderson is about to become a top NFL pick, writes Tom Friend.

Pasquarelli: Draft flooded with talented college tandems
This year's draft boasts several talented college tandems, including the high-profile WR duets from Ohio State, LSU and USC, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Magazine: The edge of reason
JaMarcus Russell carries the kind of talent that makes scouts throw logic out the window. But can he lift a franchise?

Magazine: Huge for his age
At 12, he was in high school. At 16, college. And at 19, Amobi Okoye will be the youngest first-round pick in history. Who knows what he could turn into? (Certainly not NFL suits).

Scouts: Six burning draft questions up for debateInsider
Who should be the No. 1 pick? Is the combine overrated? Our experts debate these draft questions and more.

McShay: Debunking draft mythsInsider
There is no shortage of theories when it comes to the NFL draft, but don't believe everything you hear, writes Todd McShay.

The Weekly Conversation: Brady Quinn
Brady Quinn responds to those who claim he never won any big games at Notre Dame in the Weekly Conversation.

McShay: Raiders considering Russell, other QB options Insider
How the Raiders go about addressing their QB situation will affect the strategies of many teams high in the draft order, writes Todd McShay.

Perfect match: Track star girlfriend pushes Ross
Former Texas Longhorns cornerback Aaron Ross might have an extra edge among NFL draft hopefuls, Cathy Harasta writes. He gets to train with his girlfriend, Sanya Richards, a world-class track star.

Small-school prospect thinking big
Lane College wide receiver Jacoby Jones is confident he can play at the next level, writes Donald Hunt.

Muench: Small-school sleepers who deserve a look Insider
Who are the hidden gems of year's draft? Steve Muench examines six small-school prospects who could pay big dividends.

Merrill: Prospect tries to make a name
Defensive lineman LaRon Harris wants to make a name for himself in the NFL, but as's Elizabeth Merrill writes, he's still trying to resolve the controversy over who he is.

Muench: College players still a work in progressInsider
What scouts think of a player as he enters his final collegiate season often is far different from what they think of him as the draft approaches, writes Steve Muench.

The Weekly Conversation: Alan Branch
Alan Branch talks about his decision to leave early, and how anxious he is start playing football again in the Weekly Conversation.



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