QBs Cantwell, Hoyer impress on Day 3

HOUSTON -- Missouri's Chase Daniel measured at 6 feet and weighed in at 215 pounds earlier this week. It was a moral victory for the stocky quarterback, but his on-the-field performance has tempered the good news.

Sure, Daniel gets the ball out of his hands quickly and shows above-average touch on underneath throws. But he clearly is having a hard time seeing over offensive linemen during team drills, and he hasn't shown he can make all types of NFL throws. He just isn't putting enough velocity or touch on his deep-out passes. So although Daniel started off the week on a relatively high note, he has done nothing to change our opinion that he's a late-round prospect.

Louisville's Hunter Cantwell and Michigan State's Brian Hoyer, on the other hand, are making the most of their time in Houston this week. Cantwell's diligent work to shorten his delivery is paying dividends. He is keeping the ball higher than he has in the past and getting it from Point A to Point B much more quickly than he did during the regular season.

Hoyer, who always has had a quick release, is proving to be a far more accurate passer than we thought before this week. Although he lacks prototypical arm strength for a pocket passer, he makes up for it with his sense of timing and excellent touch. Strong finishes could put Cantwell back in the midround range and land Hoyer a spot in the late rounds.

Texas A&M's Stephen McGee continues to exceed expectations for a few reasons. First, he appears to have grasped the offense more quickly than the other two quarterbacks on the West roster (Fresno State's Tom Brandstater and Central Washington's Mike Reilly). Secondly, McGee appears comfortable taking snaps under center and reading the coverage as he drops back. Finally, he displays a quick release and good accuracy.

Add in his sturdy frame, adequate arm strength, above-average mobility and competitiveness, and there's reason to believe McGee will work his way into the late-round mix after starting just three games as a senior.

Kevin Weidl also contributed to this report. Scouts Inc. watches games, breaks down film and studies football from all angles for ESPN.com.