McShay's top five takeaways from Jared Goff's pro day

Goff: 'I'd be happy to go anywhere' (1:29)

Former California QB Jared Goff joins NFL Live to talk about his pro day, why he doesn't have a favorite wide receiver, how he would feel if he were drafted by the 49ers and reacts to criticism he's faced regarding his arm strength. (1:29)

Here's the first thing you need to know about quarterback pro days: JaMarcus Russell was the best one I've ever seen, and we all know how that worked out. So for talent evaluators throughout the league, Jared Goff's pro day on Friday won't be a huge part of the grading process, but it was just another opportunity to see how he handles the little things. Is he working on it? That's really what you want to answer.

I was on hand to see how the No. 2 QB on my board handled the spotlight. Here are my top five takeaways.