Mel Kiper's top prospects at each position for 2018 NFL draft

Kiper expects big things from Darnold (0:42)

Mel Kiper Jr. compares USC QB Sam Darnold's "it-factor" to the likes of No. 1-overall picks John Elway, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. (0:42)

Time for a fresh update of my top prospects by position, the first since the preseason. A whole lot has changed ... dig in.

Important to note: This is a mix of seniors and underclassmen, but early on I separate the two so you see more senior players, as those are guys who are certain to be in the draft. By "underclassmen," I mean players who technically could return to school for another season. Those are true juniors and third-year sophomores. I've denoted the third-year sophomores with asterisks.



1. Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State
2. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma
3. Luke Falk, Washington State
4. Brandon Silvers, Troy
5. Mike White, Western Kentucky


1. *Sam Darnold, USC
2. Josh Rosen, UCLA
3. Josh Allen, Wyoming
4. Lamar Jackson, Louisville
5. Kelly Bryant, Clemson

Mayfield is No. 1 in FBS in Total QBR (93.2), and Rudolph is No. 2 (89.1). The Sooner is one of my favorite college football players to watch. The first-year starter Bryant has a big frame (6-4, 200).