McShay's preseason position rankings for 2019 NFL draft

McShay gives way-too-early top names for '19 draft (1:00)

Todd McShay could see next year's NFL draft being heavy on defensive players, with two defensive linemen in his top three. (1:00)

Last week I rolled out my preseason top 32 -- the top 2019 NFL prospects overall. For this file, we're going deeper across position groups so you can get a better sense of depth throughout the potential draft class. Again, the emphasis is on potential, because there's no certainty that underclassmen will jump into this draft class.

That said, here's the early look. The season will bring plenty of change. Note: I've looked closer at some positions than others at this early stage. That means I don't yet have 10 tight ends or safeties among my graded players, and I'm combining offensive linemen, too. Don't worry -- they'll emerge in time.

Note: Underclassmen are marked with an asterisk.