Jason Peters

"We kept hitting them, kept hitting them, and they finally gave in."

Marty Mornhinweg knew the play would work. Meeting with the offense the night before Philadelphia played at Washington, the Eagles' offensive coordinator kept saying the first play he had dialed up to start the game was going to go for six.

"We believed it," left tackle Jason Peters said. "As soon as we came out on the field, we believed it was either going to be a big gain, or a touchdown."

In the huddle before the snap, Michael Vick looked at DeSean Jackson.

"Hey," Vick said. "Do your thing. Give them a move, and I'm going to throw it up."

Then Vick turned to his linemen.

"Give me some time," he said.

The linemen gave Vick all the time he needed, and Vick threw a perfect pass to Jackson, who slipped behind the safety for an 88-yard touchdown.

"I knew right from the jump when he threw the ball up that Jack was going to run up under it," Peters said. "The safety was behind him. He caught it and went on in for the touchdown."

And the rout was on.

"I think that took the wind out of Washington a little bit," Peters said. "They fought back, but we kept hitting them, kept hitting them, and they finally gave in."

As the Eagles' lead mounted, from 28-0 at the end of the first quarter to 42-14 after Vick turned a broken play into a touchdown, Vick never changed. Asked for a word to describe his quarterback after he scampered in for a 6-yard touchdown, his second rushing score of the game, Peters said: "Poised."

"He was believing," Peters said. "He was believing in the play, believing in his guys that we were going to give him time in the pocket. He was sitting back there as long as he could, and when somebody got in his face, he became Mike. He took off, and made something out of nothing."

Peters has played in the NFL for eight years, including two in Philadelphia when Donovan McNabb was under center. Never had he seen a player dominate a game the way Vick did that night.

"I hadn't played with nobody who'd done that," Peters said. "It was unbelievable. I mean, that's incredible for a guy that, you know, went through the stuff he went through. To come back and put numbers up like that, that's crazy."

-- Ashley Fox, ESPN.com

Vick, shown scoring a second-quarter TD,

said it was a "perfect game," the best of his career.

Photo: AP Photo/Nick Wass