Rocky McIntosh

"We got cut right across the chin on that play."

Forgive Rocky McIntosh for being a party pooper, but he doesn't remember it as the "Michael Vick Game." He remembers Eagles everywhere, beating the Redskins in every possible way from the very first play of the game.

"It all started with that first play, Vick to D-Jack for what? 85 yards?" the Redskins linebacker recalled. "When you start off like that, it's pretty devastating. Of course, you always believe you can come back and one play isn't going to make the difference. But sometimes, you watch those UFC guys, when they get cut across the chin, it's hard for them to recover from that. We got cut right across the chin on that first play, and we were never able to come back from it."

Vick had made a great throw, of course, but on that first play the guy whose speed and athleticism had gashed the Redskins in the chin was Jackson. And as the night went along, McIntosh said, the quality and the variety of weapons Vick had at his disposal were too much for Washington to handle.

"Everybody on his team stepped up that night," McIntosh said. "And he just led them."

McIntosh thinks it's possible that the Redskins were caught off guard because they knocked Vick out early in the first Redskins-Eagles matchup of the season and played instead against Kevin Kolb. But the way things unfolded that night, he's not entirely sure it would have made much of a difference if they'd all seen him before or not.

"We had a couple of shots at him that game, too, but we just couldn't get to him," McIntosh said. "He's a great athlete, always that double threat when he's out on the field.
And the way the score turned out that night, the way he played, his whole story …
the whole thing just left him shining on the field and us wondering how we could stop him."

They couldn't, of course, and although some of McIntosh's teammates believe they'll be better prepared the next time they see Vick for having been victimized on that Monday night, he's not so sure that looking or thinking back on that game is the right way to prepare for the first Eagles game in 2011. He doesn't sound like he even wants to see the tape.

"I'm sure nothing from that game will help," he said.

-- Dan Graziano,

Vick, shown scoring a second-quarter TD,

said it was a "perfect game," the best of his career.

Photo: AP Photo/Nick Wass