Easy Mover

Many will be surprised with Andrew Luck's NFL combine and pro day results. The guy is an athlete who has rushed for nearly 1,000 yards at Stanford. It's not that NFL teams see him as the next Tim Tebow, but Luck can flat-out move. Much like Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers, Luck is going to give you value when it comes to picking up first downs when the play breaks down.

The mobility is also evident in other ways. Luck throws well on the move; you can roll him out to the left or right, and while I wouldn't put Luck ahead of John Elway in terms of overall running talent, he's certainly ahead of Manning. Luck isn't merely "mobile" in the sense that he can move around in the backfield. He can actually hurt you with his legs, and he'll be smart enough to slide at the end of runs in the NFL. -- Mel Kiper