Willing Victim

In measuring Andrew Luck's toughness, don't just look at the hits he takes, or the hits he's dished out, or even his willingness to get out and block on a reverse. His toughness starts before the hits ever happen. With Luck, it's all about progressions. His toughness is found there, because even in the face of a rush, he keeps his eyes down the field, gets through his reads and steps into contact to make the right throw.

So many times we judge a quarterback's toughness on his ability to take a hit. But what kind of throw he is making before that hit arrives and what kind of decision-making process he's going through as pressure builds are pivotal. I'd rate Luck similarly to a guy like Peyton Manning in terms of toughness, and we know Manning is as durable as he is gifted. But it's not just because he has the size to take a hit. It's because he is willing to take a hit to make the throw. -- Mel Kiper