Impressive Aptitude

People will compare Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning based on how they sense the pocket, get through their progressions and throw with great accuracy, but the best comparison is based on what each does before the snap. Luck is like Manning in that he makes a ton of his own calls. This is, more or less, his offense, and that's because he has an incredible capacity to store information. Former Stanford and current 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said he's never seen a player who is Luck's equal in that regard. In some ways, this makes Luck's physical skills secondary in terms of his potential.

Luck acts as an extension of the coach, and seems to absorb and process everything. This is a high school valedictorian, and when you combine that intellect with the physical prowess, you get great execution. I think this is the most underrated aspect of Luck's game. -- Mel Kiper