Dual Threat

This is one of Andrew Luck's stronger points as a quarterback, and two things jump out when studying film of his throws within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage.

First, his touch is excellent. Luck understands trajectory, how to drop a ball over a defender trailing his receiver, or before his receiver reaches a defender in front of him. He leads receivers effectively so they catch balls in stride and don't have to adjust to passes, allowing them to utilize every available second after the catch.

Second, Luck uses ball placement to throw his receivers open. They are often so focused on the ball and defenders around them that they don't have a great feel for where they need to be when the ball arrives. Luck knows how to put the ball where only the receiver can get to it, and that includes throwing behind receivers and even forcing them off their routes in order to get them to a soft spot in the coverage, or into a window that allows them the best chance to make a play after the catch. -- Todd McShay