The Prototype

Andrew Luck is an underclassman so we won't have official scouting measurements on him until the NFL combine, but by all accounts he should compare well to current NFL quarterbacks.

He has big hands -- important for throwing in adverse weather -- and his frame appears above-average. Luck is expected to come in right around the NFL average of 6-foot-3¾ for current quarterbacks, and he should have somewhere in the neighborhood of 235 well-distributed pounds on his frame (NFL average: 229). His stature has allowed him to remain durable despite taking his fair share of punishment in the pocket and not shying away from contact as a runner.

The other measurable worth mentioning is the Wonderlic test, which ostensibly assesses mental aptitude. The average score for today's NFL quarterback is 30, with a low of 14 and a high of 39 (Peyton and Eli Manning), and Luck is again expected to be on the high end. If you were building an ideal quarterback from scratch, you might end up with Luck. -- Todd McShay