Easy Adjustments

The only negative I see for Andrew Luck in this area is a tendency to pat the ball before he throws. It's not a pronounced motion like Drew Bledsoe showed coming out of college, but more of a slight tap. Still, he'll need to work on that to avoid tipping off defenders as to his intentions.

Otherwise, Luck's over-the-top delivery is quick and smooth. His footwork is solid and he can change his release point depending on how defenders are affecting his passing windows. Luck can drop down to get the ball around defenders in his face or get it out high to avoid rushers with their hands up. That's something he'll have to do even more of in the NFL, but Luck can change up his arm angles and remain accurate as well.

The quickness of his release isn't overwhelming, but it's quick enough, and he is a natural thrower. Manning is a bit quicker and has learned to follow through with his entire body to help his arm strength, which is also something Luck will continue to work on. -- Todd McShay