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Fantasy crunch time is here, so every lineup decision is critical. Should you use Ladarius Green, Malcolm Mitchell or Jason Witten? We let you know.

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John Keim ESPN Staff Writer 

Redskins tight end Jordan Reed remains a game-time decision but it looks good for his availability vs. Philadelphia Sunday, a source said. The Redskins want to make sure his injured left shoulder continues to improve. Reed was limited in practice this week after missing last week's game vs. Arizona. At times he showed discomfort with his shoulder in practice but he also was able to show good range of motion.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Cardell Hayes insisting he didn't shoot Racquel Smith, says he doesn't know who did. Implication is it may have been Will Smith, but Hayes said he didn't see it. State also gets Hayes to acknowledge that Richard Hernandez ran off "way before" shots were fired, so Hernandez had nothing to do with threat Hayes felt at the time of the shooting. ... Court is now in recess for lunch.

Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer 

The Cowboys have ruled wide receiver Lucky Whitehead out of Sunday's game against the New York Giants for violating team rules. He is not on the team flight to New Jersey.

Mark Schwarz ESPN Reporter 

Hayes says "I have been fighting a murder charge a whole year and I am completely innocent trying to defend my life. Twice in one year I'm trying to defend my life." Assistant District Attorney Jason Napoli has been peppering Hayes that no other witness corroborates any of Hayes' testimony. Hayes insists he can't speak for any other witness and maintains he has been telling the truth throughout his testimony.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Prosecution asking Cardell Hayes about how he never mentioned Will Smith having a gun in his hand when he was recorded talking to two people on the scene about what happened or when he briefly explained to detectives what happened that night. Hayes repeatedly responds that he never gave a full statement. Hayes gets off the stand to demonstrate how far away he was from Smith's Mercedes when he shot. Hayes said he never fired into the Mercedes and can't explain how a shell casing wound up inside Smith's car.

Mark Schwarz ESPN Reporter 

Saints coach Sean Payton leaves the courtroom to join his team on its flight to Tampa. Payton was in court to support Racquel Smith and her family.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Sean Payton and Deuce McAllister leave the courtroom -- presumably to prepare for a flight to Tampa Bay for Sunday's game.

Sarah Barshop ESPN Staff Writer 

The Texans put WR Jaelen Strong on injured reserve with an ankle injury. He sustained the injury in Week 8 against the Lions. He returned to practice this week for the first time since he injured his ankle.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

The state is now asking Cardell Hayes if every eyewitness is lying -- including his own friend Kevin -- when they testified that they saw no physical contact between Will Smith and Hayes. Hayes testified he was hit in the face about four times by Smith, but state points out he had no marks on his face. Hayes insists he is telling the truth and can't speak for what anyone else saw. He pointed out that nobody has told the exact same story all week.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Cardell Hayes said he was crying when Racquel Smith testified the other day. "I didn't want to kill Will Smith. I didn't want to kill nobody. ... The way she was just saying I shot her and stood over her husband, like she did the other day, I was over there crying because I would never hurt her. She didn't do me anything." Hayes said Will Smith was the only person who made him feel like he was about to be killed or severely injured. "I knew I was gonna be shot. I probably would've died. I knew for a fact I was gonna get shot." Hayes began crying when talking about his son being without his father. Tears could be heard throughout the courtroom. The prosecution is now beginning its cross-examination.

Jenna Laine ESPN Staff Writer 

The Bucs have promoted Donteea Dye from the practice squad to the active roster due to Adam Humphries being out with a concussion.

Mark Schwarz ESPN Reporter 

John Fuller /Smith's attorney "Who was the only person that night that made you fear for your life?" Hayes: Will Smith. Hayes says he wishes that night never happened. He says he wishes Racquel and her children could still have their father but "I knew I was gonna be shot. I'm not God. I knew for a fact i was Gina get shot." Hayes cried when asked about being separated from his young son CJ. Fuller is done with his questions and the State will now cross examine Hayes. Throughout the courtroom you can hear people crying and an alternate juror is also crying.

Mark Schwarz ESPN Reporter 

Hayes says he heard the pop of Smith's gun as he fired his. "I definitely didn't want to kill him. I don't want to kill anybody." Hayes says when he learned later it was Will Smith he shot he said "I cried like a baby. My life is over. I looked up to Will Smith." Hayes earlier said he admired Smith as a player and tried to incorporate what Smith did on the field into his game."

Mark Schwarz ESPN Reporter 

Hayes says Smith spun his wife off and reaches into his vehicle. "I see a black weapon in his hand and i fire my gun." He says he didn't intend to fire that many times but "the momentum of my gun kept it going pop pop pop pop! I didn't expect it to go off that many times." He says he then dropped his gun to his right side. During Hayes recount of the story Smith's wife Racquel is shaking her head in disgust about the nature of Hayes version of the events of April 9, 2016.

Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer 

Cardell Hayes said after Will Smith reached into his vehicle, Smith spun his wife Racquel off of him and turned toward Hayes. Hayes said he saw a black weapon in Smith's hand, then fired. Then Hayes added, "Everything happened so fast, when I see him spin, I hear a pop. And when he fired, I fired my weapon." Hayes said his gun fired several times rapidly, and he didn't expect it to go off that many times and he tried to stop it from shooting that many times. Hayes said he dropped his weapon after that. Hayes said, "I definitely didn't want to kill him. ... I don't want to kill anybody."