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Luck throws a pick in the red zone


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Party like it's 1994: For one preseason game, Raiders retake L.A.

The Raiders' first game in the L.A. Coliseum in 13 years was part nostalgia and part farewell ahead of another Raiders exit.

To get the ball, Royce Freeman has to show he knows what to do without it

The Broncos drafted the Oregon star for his versatility, but -- as many rookies learn -- if he wants touches, he needs to learn to block.

Preseason Week 2

Preseason Week 2 takeaways: Cousins struggles; Winston excels

Here are the biggest things we learned about every team during Week 2 of the preseason.

The biggest injuries from NFL preseason Week 2

This week was tough on quarterbacks. Here are the most important injuries of Week 2, and what they mean moving forward.

Prep for Fantasy Football

Yates: Cousins is top-10 fantasy QB


Berry: Love, Hate and letting go

It's the must-read column of the fantasy football preseason, highlighting Matthew Berry's most undervalued and overvalued players in drafts.

Unique Drills

From buckets of rice to blindfolds: Unique NFL drills

Finding that extra edge is part of the job in the NFL. To that end, players are doing some interesting workouts.

Dan Graziano

Worth the weight? Josh Norman has vested interest in training

"Dancing With the Stars" left Norman in great shape, and the 30-year-old cornerback wanted to take his training a step further this summer.

How bricks are helping Cowboys receivers improve hand strength

It's not a popular drill, but receivers see the potential benefit in having to carry 25-pound bricks after practice.

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