Busting NFL Power Rankings myths: Teams too high, too low

Draftees who can help their teams climb (0:55)

Impact players such as Carolina's Christian McCaffrey and Tampa Bay's O.J. Howard have their teams' outlooks on the rise. (0:55)

With free agency and the NFL draft now in the rearview mirror, we have a pretty good idea of what each roster will look like headed into the 2017 season. We released our post-draft Power Rankings on Monday, and although I was one of the voters, my hottest of takes were wiped out by the overwhelming consensus.

So I'd like to run through six teams I think are ranked way too high or low -- three each -- in the final rankings. My process is simple: a thorough examination of each roster. I'm not concerned about which teams made the playoffs last season, especially considering that, if history holds up, roughly half of the teams who made the postseason in 2016 will miss out in 2017. Here we go:

Teams ranked too low